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    The role of coxswain comes with great responsibility and with that responsibility comes great pressure. We are not supposed to let on when we feel it, but inevitably we will.

    The question is, What do you do when you aren’t feeling your most confident, when the seeds of doubt creep in and you question whether you are capable of doing the job?

    First, remember that everyone goes through periods of self-doubt. The way to head off these moments is to start learning as much as you can about the sport, and to never cease the learning process. Knowledge is power, and that knowledge gives you the basis for acting.

    Sometimes the action you take leads to success, sometimes to less than desired outcomes, but it is always a learning experience, and that learning experience is wisdom. That wisdom and experience is what gives you the self-sustaining confidence you need when things get tough.

    Don’t be afraid to take chances or make mistakes. If you are unsure, turn to a trusted coach, coxswain, or other mentor for advice. Ask questions and think through the answers carefully.

    Stay positive and know you’ll have ups and downs. Just remember to keep your bow pointed in the right direction.  

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