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Posts published in “Training”

Why We Lift

The erg builds strength, but it’s no substitute for a well-designed weight program.

Navigating No-Man’s Land

March and early April in New England are the equivalent to the third 500 of any 2k—that section of the race we rowers lovingly deem “no-man’s land.” Why? For one, it’s often brutal outside. And in many spots, it becomes a waiting game for the ice to melt so you can finally take some strokes in a boat after a long season hammering it out on the rowing machine.

Drive Time

NRF kicks off Olympic-year fundraising effort with a $500,000 matching gift challenge.

Give Him a Hand

Late in 2017 a video surfaced on YouTube showing a man rowing a single. He carefully demonstrated the rowing stroke, focusing on the release. Yet when his hands approached his…

Corrective Action

How do I get my athletes to fix faults they can’t feel?

A World of Hurt

Training without purpose is tough and rarely produces results. Setting a specific goal and working toward it acts as an insurance policy to keep you on point. My recommendation? Mix…

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