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    Pioneers Celebrate 150th Anniversary

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    The Marietta College Pioneers will celebrate their rowing program’s 150th anniversary during the 2020-2021 season. To mark the occasion the Marietta, Ohio liberal arts college will work to raise $5 million to shore up the Marietta Rowing Operations Fund which supports the men’s and women’s rowing programs. The fundraiser is well underway with $3 million pledged in cash and estate gifts by Marietta College alumnus and former coach Jeffrey Hugel. In addition to Hugel, a group of alumnus is also working to plan events to raise additional money for the fundraiser including David Nystrom, Tom Feaster, Brent Haney, John Strotbeck, Andrea Haynes-Perry, Mary Korn, Kevin Suter, Marc Ponchione, and Zach McGurk.

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