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    NRF Announces Three New Board Members

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    The National Rowing Foundation (NRF) has added three board members to its board of directors.

    Aquil Abdullah, Patrick Manning, and Campbell Rogers will be formally inducted at the next special NRF meeting or annual meeting according to a June 11 release.

    “These three Board Members bring a wealth of perspective – athletically, professionally, and personally – to the NRF Board,” Marcia Hooper and Jamie Koven, NRF co-chairs said. 

    “Their experiences and viewpoints will help guide the NRF as we prepare to support Team USA for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021, Paris 2024, Los Angeles 2028, and beyond.”

    Abdullah currently works as a senior infrastructure engineer and featured athlete at Hydrow. Rogers currently serves as executive vice president and chief medical officer at Heartflow, Inc., a California-based medical device company. Manning currently sits on the Board of a $1B+ beauty and skincare company, according to the release.

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