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    NK Offers First-of-its-Kind Virtual Racing Series

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    Nielsen-Kellerman’s SpeedCoach Summer Regatta Series will begin this week starting with the Independence Day World Regatta.

    The Independence Day World Regatta will run between July 1-4 and is the first in the company’s 11 event series that will be held in July and August

    The race will take place on the water and provide an alternative to the virtual erg races that have been commonplace since the Covid-19 lock-down began. Athletes are asked to row a set distance on the water against the clock and use that time to rank themselves against other competitors. 

    To compete, rowers will need to own an NK SpeedCoach GPS which will be used to monitor the distance and time for ranking. Athletes will row the piece in a single within a certain time frame and then upload the result to the NK LiNK Logbook.

    “We know lots of athletes have been training hard indoors for the last four months, but now that summer is here, people would prefer to be out on the water,” said Mattison Crowe, director of marketing at Nielsen-Kellerman.  

    “Racing on the water remains a challenge with no organized competitions and the need to maintain social distancing guidelines, so we devised a way for people to race their singles over a variety of distances and compare their results with scullers from all over the world.”

    There are no entry fees associated with any of the races.

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