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    Southwest Coaches Host Virtual Competition

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    The rowing community’s resilience continues to be put on full display as a group of coaches in the southwest region have put together a virtual erg competition creating a space for youth athletes to place their competitive drive.

    The race will be a 2,000-meter test followed by teams of 10 racing 1,000 meters of a final 10,000-meter team piece. The race took place from 10 am-1 pm PST Saturday.

    “What was amazing was that as I reached out to other teams like Marin, Capital, Oakland and more, the coaches one by one not only agreed, but started trying to help me make this something that would be as cool for the rowers as possible,” Richie Gordon, race organizer and freshman head coach at Saint Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco said.

    Schedule and results are being updated live. The event is being live streamed here.

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