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    Remaining Philadelphia Schools Regattas Eliminated

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    What was left of the scheduled Philadelphia spring junior regattas was officially eliminated Wednesday morning.

    After canceling the first four of the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association’s Flick Regattas, the PSRA moved to cancel the remaining 5th Manny Flick Regatta and the Philadelphia City Championships.

    The 2013 Manny Flick regatta.

    The cancellation was made with an accompanying statement:

    “It is with great regret that we announce that the remainder of the PSRA 2020 season, including the 5th Flick and City Championship, have been canceled due to the devastating outbreak of the Coronavirus.

    “We won’t use the trite phrase, “This was a hard decision,” because it was not. There is no choice here. This is a serious situation, and although we tried to be optimistic at first, each day brought another pronouncement of the virus’ destructive impact on our society, another extension of school closure in our region, another mandate to stay at home.

    “It became clear that there was no way we could safely hold these regattas even if for some reason the state and local bans on group gatherings were lifted and even if our schools were opened and sports allowed to resume in the next couple of weeks.

    “Currently, most of our member schools are closed through Easter, and we expect those closures to be extended. This is heartbreaking for all of us, most especially our seniors who also face losing their proms, graduation ceremonies and class trips. We will continue to be in contact with our members during these difficult times. Thank you for your support and consideration. Stay healthy and safe, and let’s look forward to a great 2021 spring season.”

    The PSRA’s decision follows the Tuesday cancellation of the Stotesbury Cup Regatta made by the regatta host Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia.

     “The well-being of our athletes, coaches, families, fans, referee corps, and volunteers is at the forefront of this decision. With increasingly comprehensive guidelines being issued by health experts and city, state and federal officials, as well as sporting events at all levels suspending play, we feel it is morally and ethically responsible to make this determination,” said regatta director Erika McCormick.

    Read the full announcement here.

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