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    Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation Unveils New Branding

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    The Oklahoma City Boathouse Foundation announced today in a press release that it has changed its name and logo. The non-profit organization is responsible for expanding the sport of rowing in Oklahoma City and is home to a USRowing National High-Performance Center and U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site.

    According to the release, a new name along with a new logo will become the official branding of the organization effective today. 

    Mike Knopp, executive director of the freshly-named RIVERSPORT Foundation said the new name better fits the mission and vision of the organization.

    “While the original name served us well, we believe RIVERSPORT Foundation ties all of our initiatives – adventures, athletics, our Olympic initiatives – together seamlessly and straightforward way,” Knopp said in the release. “It’s just easier to understand who we are and what we do.”

    The RIVERSPORT Foundation’s youth rowing and kayaking programs are currently known as OKC RIVERSPORT. Their names will not change. 

    “It won’t change anything for me as a coach,” Maddie Wullschelger, head coach of the OKC RIVERSPORT women’s varsity rowing crew, said. “We are trying to encompass all we are doing down here at RIVERSPORT under one name.”

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