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    It wasn’t for lack of effort, but for some reason things weren’t lining up for me to get in a solid workout. A big factor: my computer crashed after knocking my morning ritual Yerba Mate tea all over its keys. This simple action created a domino effect that completely messed up my schedule, leading to many inefficiencies (including writing this article from an iPad…oh the joy!) and pretty much destroying my ability to function in my work world. I tried to hit the pool midday for a little release, but was shut out by little rug rats impeding the flow of traffic. Left with a short hour to squeeze in some exercise before family dinner, I was putting on my Lycra for a bike ride when I was hit with an epic pollen-induced nosebleed. I was done trying.

    A disciplined voice from days past said to me, “Crosby, make it happen!” By the time the tissue could be removed from my nose, I had only 50 minutes. I jumped on my bike and knew in order to “make it count” I had to push the power and the speed. I attacked the below workout and rolled into my garage feeling a sense of accomplishment, free of stress and with a nice burn in my legs and lungs. Most important, I was on time for dinner. It is often too easy to excuse yourself from exercise. Next time you feel like the day has defeated you, give the below a go for the workout of your choice: rowing, running, cycling, or swimming.

    Warm-up 5 minutes easy with a focus on form. Whatever activity you are doing, practice posture and relaxation. 

    Pre-set (10 minutes):
    3 minutes: Medium 
    2 minutes: Hard
    5 minutes: Easy
    Grab a sip of water/stretch.

    Main set (32 minutes):
    18 minutes at 2 minutes medium, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy (repeat twice)
    14 minutes at 1 minute easy, 1 minute hard (repeat six times)
    Cool down for three minutes, focusing on form and how fantastic you feel.

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