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    Intercollegiate Rowing Association-USRowing 2020 Pre-Season Coaches Poll

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    Men’s Varsity 8+:

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1Yale University (11)275N/A
    2University of California, Berkeley258N/A
    3University of Washington252N/A
    4Harvard University242N/A
    5Brown University233N/A
    6Northeastern University221N/A
    7Boston University201N/A
    8Dartmouth College193N/A
    9Syracuse University190N/A
    10Princeton University188N/A
    11Stanford University153N/A
    12University of Wisconsin152N/A
    13U.S. Naval Academy148N/A
    14University of Pennsylvania126N/A
    15Cornell University Crew102N/A
    16Columbia University91N/A
    17George Washington University88N/A
    18Oregon State University74N/A
    19Florida Institute of Technology58N/A
    20Marist College50N/A
    21College of the Holy Cross45N/A
    23 (T)St. Joseph’s University34N/A
    23 (T)Temple University34N/A
    25 (T)Drexel University33N/A
    25 (T)Hobart College33N/A
    Also Receiving Votes: Georgetown University, Colgate University, University of California, San Diego
    Santa Clara University, Williams College, Wesleyan University
    Voting Coaches: Tom Bohrer (Boston U.), Paul Bugenhagen (Hobart), Gary Caldwell (Commissioner),
    Michael Callahan (Washington), Phil Carney (Wesleyan), Chris Clark (Wisconsin), Paul Cooke (Brown),
    Jason Cottingham (Jacksonville), Scott Frandsen (California), Mike Irwin (St. Joseph’s), John Pojednic (Northeastern)

    Men’s Varsity Lightweight 8+:

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1University of Pennsylvania (7)126N/A
    2Cornell University Crew (3)121N/A
    3Princeton University (1)116N/A
    4Yale University86N/A
    5Columbia University81N/A
    6U.S. Naval Academy80N/A
    7Harvard University78N/A
    8Georgetown University54N/A
    9Dartmouth College50N/A
    10Mercyhurst University29N/A
    11Temple University21N/A
    Also Receiving Votes: None
    Voting Coaches: Shawn Bagnell (Navy), Billy Boyce (Harvard)
    Marty Crotty (Princeton), Colin Farrell (Pennsylvania)
    Chris Kerber (Cornell), Sean McKenna (Temple), Will Oliver (MIT), Nich Parker, (Columbia),
    Dan Roock (Dartmouth), Lee Rumpf (Georgetown), Adrian Spracklen (Mercyhurst)

    Women’s Lightweight Varsity 8+

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1Princeton University (3)33N/A
    2Stanford University (2)26N/A
    3Boston University22N/A
    4Georgetown University21N/A
    6University of Wisconsin14N/A
    Also Receiving Votes: None
    Voting Coaches: Kate Berko (Stanford), Kieran Emery (Georgetown)
    Dusty Mattison Wisconsin), Paul Rassam (Princeton), Sarah Schwegman (Baker) (Harvard-Radcliffe)

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