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    Doctor Rowing’s Great True False Quiz—Answers

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    1. True. Erickson would report on the backups of cars trying to cross the floating bridges of routes 520 and 90 in both directions.
    2. True. It was an experiment with asynchronous rowing, abandoned that same summer.
    3. False. Spain’s lightweight men’s eight used an Empacher bow-coxed eight in 1983 and 1984, winning gold and bronze medals.
    4. True, although plans are not yet set.
    5. Almost. In 2010, he rowed during the four quarters, but rested during the half. 
    6. False. Wood ran 76 stadia (37 is a tour) before the Fourth of July and later that summer ran 100.
    7. False. At the 2017 World Rowing Cup in Poznan, Poland, the German men’s eight went 5:18.68.
    8. True. Until 1876, the six was the preferred boat in the United States.
    9. False. The U.S. women went 5:54.16 at the Lucerne World Rowing Cup in 2013.
    10. True. It worked for him. Does it work for you?
    11. True. On a flooded Seine River they rowed 5:51 to win the semifinal.
    12. False. Open weight women’s events did not row 2k until 1985, but lightweight women’s events at the FISA championships in 1984 featured 2k races on an experimental basis.
    13. False. Jennifer Casson of Kingston Rowing Club in Canada holds the current world record with the 6:53.8 she rowed in 2019.
    14. False. Canada won in 1992 in Barcelona. East Germany won three, Romania three, and the U.S. won four medals
    15. Almost. Lisa rowed in 1976 in the coxed quad. After being the U.S. single in ‘77, ‘78, and ’79, Gregg left the quad camp when the boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics was announced. He was his daughter’s coach in Rio, however.
    16. True. In 1878 Columbia became the first American college to win an event at Henley, the Visitor’s Challenge Cup, an event for straight fours.
    17. True. Coxswain F.E. Weatherly jumped overboard from his Brasenose four in 1868 at Henley. His boat went on to win but was disqualified.
    18. False. Wagner seat raced a spark plug against a weak oarsman. The spark plug won.
    19. True. But Joan Lind, ‘76, Carlie Geer ’84, Anne Marden ‘88, Michelle Guerette ‘08, and Gevvie Stone ‘16 have all won silvers. 
    20. True. 25 years of all the rowing news that’s fit to print!

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