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    USRowing Announces Committee

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    USRowing has announced the members of its newly formed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee.

    The committee, formed in a response to members’ calls for greater efforts to make the sport of rowing more accessible and reflective of the United States’ demographics, has 17 members ranging from collegiate coaches to Olympians including two-time Olympian and five-time national team member, David Banks (pictured above.)

    “This is an incredible group of community leaders, matched only by the strength of the over 70 nominees that came forward to be a part of this process,” said Meghan O’Leary, chair of the USRowing Board of Directors’ Nominating Committee.

    “The USRowing DEI Committee’s work will be some of the organization’s most important as we look to grow and improve the sport and to build a stronger, more inclusive community. We have a long way to go to get there, but I’m excited about the potential of this group and what can be accomplished.”

    Click here for the full list of members and the USRowing release.

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