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    Day Two of National Selection Regatta II Wrapped

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    The second day of NSR II included the women’s double repechages.

    In the first double repechage of the day Vesper Composite B (Sera Busse/Cristina Pretto) finished first with a time of 7:28.70. They were joined in the top three by Green Racing Project Composite B (Samantha Sarafin/Hannah Fitts) and Riverside Composite (Elizabeth Martin/Cara Stawicki).

    The second double’s repechage was led by ARION O (Veronica Nicacio/Megan Goodman) who finished atop the results board with a time of 7:15.02. Vesper (Julia Lonchar/Charlotte Forman) and Vesper (Gabriela Thomas/Emma Tierney) rounded out the top three.

    The six crews that finished in the top three of each rep will race Thursday’s semifinals. The other two doubles that finished fourth in both reps—OKC HP Composite (Brooke Ruszkiewicz/Ruthie Lacy) and Riverside X (Chloe Lewis/Keara Twist)—will race in tomorrow’s C final.

    A list of full results can be viewed here.

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