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    USRowing Publishes List of Under 19 National Team Selection Camp Invitees

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    USRowing published its list of Under 19 National Team selection camp invitees June 28.

    According to the NGB, invitees will compete for spots on USRowing’s Under 19 National Team in the men’s and women’s straight four, four with coxswain, quadruple sculls, and eight that will represent the U.S. at the 2022 World Rowing Under 19 Championships July 27-31 in Varese, Italy.

    Here is the full list of invitees:

    U19 Women’s Selection Camp Invitees
    Maisy Ballantyne, Pacific Rowing Club
    Carly Banker, Rose City Rowing Club
    Eleanor Bijeau, Woodrow Wilson Sr. High School Crew
    Sarah Bradford, The Milwaukee Rowing Club
    Lindsey Brail, Pelham Community Rowing Association
    Carly Brown, Detroit Boat Club Crew
    Imogen Cabot, The Winsor School
    Ella Casano, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Claudia Chadwick, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Joely Cherniss, Marin Rowing Association
    Ilaria Costello, Redwood Scullers/PACJC
    Sidney Curven, Northfield Mount Hermon School
    Matilda Damon, Phillips Exeter Academy
    Alice Dommer, Redwood Scullers/PACJC
    Jennifer Dugdale, Mile High Rowing Club
    Tiara Dye, Cathedral Catholic High School Crew
    Elizabeth Enriquez, Row New Jersey
    Alexandra Fazler, Moorestown High School Rowing Club
    Isabella Furman, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Hope Gelfand, Holy Names Academy
    Nora Goodwillie, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Elinor Graham, Sylvan Scullers
    Sophia Greco, Connecticut Boat Club
    Marin Clare Hadley, Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
    Annabelle Harbold, Woodrow Wilson Sr. High School Crew
    Elsa Hartman, Capital Crew
    Annabelle Hermey, Row New Jersey
    Kennedy Housley, Sarasota Crew
    Evan Humphrey, Pocock Rowing Center
    Annika Jeffery, Rose City Rowing Club
    Savanna Jerome, San Diego Rowing Club
    Charlotte Jett, Norcal Crew
    Reilly Katz, Port Rowing
    Shannon Kearney, Marina Aquatic Center Junior Rowing
    Mia Khamish, Connecticut Boat Club
    Emily Knapp, Connecticut Boat Club
    Caroline Krantz, Connecticut Boat Club
    Yana Krivosheeva, Sarasota Crew
    Rachel Lande, Marina Aquatic Center
    Ingrid Lofgren, The Milwaukee Rowing Club
    Katherine Lord-Krause, Seattle Preparatory School
    Francie McKenzie, Greenwich Crew
    Natalie Meyer, Deerfield Academy Crew
    Paris Miller, Indianapolis Rowing Center
    Katherine Mote, Episcopal School of Dallas
    Cillian Mullen, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Lila Nottage, Deerfield Academy Crew
    Arielle Nusbaum, Row New Jersey
    Katelyn Passino, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Caroline Pecore, Norcal Crew
    Lily Pember, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Sydney Perry, Long Beach Junior Crew
    Lauren Peters, Noble & Greenough School
    Hannah Peters, Atomic Rowing
    Olivia Petri, Redwood Scullers/PACJC
    Claire Poremba, GMS Rowing Center
    Cami Price, Vancouver Lake Rowing Club
    Charlotte Pulkkinen, Phillips Exeter Academy
    Katie Rapaglia, GMS Rowing Center
    Sarah Rapaglia, GMS Rowing Center
    Llian Riedel, Ridgewood Crew Foundation
    Eugenia Rodriguez-Vazquez, Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
    Ashley Rohloff, Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
    Cate Sauer, Three Rivers Rowing Association
    Ava Schetlick, University of Virginia Rowing Association
    Heather Schmidt, Niskayuna Rowing
    Lauren Eve Schramm, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Sofia Simone, Sarasota Crew
    Samantha Smart, Marin Rowing Association
    Eleanor Smith, RowAmerica Rye
    Hannah Smith, East Grand Rapids Crew Team
    Ruby Srinivasan, Newport Aquatic Center
    Quincy Stone, Marin Rowing Association
    Emily Tierney, Row New Jersey
    Mary Claire Warren, Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
    Ella Wheeler, Northfield Mount Hermon School
    Lindsey Williams, St. Mary Academy- Bay View
    Phoebe Wise, Greenwich Crew
    Chloe Zollman, Newport Aquatic Center 

    U19 Men’s Selection Camp Invitees
    Nathanael Abrials, Gonzaga College High School Crew
    Edward Achtner, Molesey Boat Club
    David Albrechtskirchinger, Community Rowing, Inc.
    Kannan Alford, New Trier High School Rowing
    Kian Aminian, Newport Aquatic Center
    Alek Balassa, New Trier High School Rowing
    George Bentley, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Charles Boldt, Indianapolis Rowing Center
    Cole Bruen, Albemarle High School
    Ruffin Bryant, Brunswick School Boat Club
    Couper Carpenter, Sarasota Crew
    Adam Casler, Newport Aquatic Center
    Andrew Cavanaugh, Greenwich Crew
    Joshua Cigoianu, Princeton University
    Luke Collins, Bainbridge Island Rowing
    Henry Cooper, Pocock Rowing Center
    Andre Culo, Marin Rowing Association
    Jayden Dasher, St. Benedict’s Preparatory School
    William Deutchman, Newport Aquatic Center
    Reese DiBiase, Phillips Academy Andover
    Sam Dowd, Red Dog Rowing
    Jordan Dykema, Seattle Rowing Center
    Owen Finnerty, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
    Weelo Ghamra, Sarasota Crew
    Nick Gonzalez, Long Beach Junior Crew
    Michael Goodall, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Luke Helstrom, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
    Weiyi Huang, Phillips Exeter Academy
    Will Jett, Norcal Crew
    Travis Jorgensen, Marin Rowing Association
    Charlie Josephbek, Long Beach Junior Crew
    Daniel Kelly, Niskayuna Rowing
    Davis Kelly, Burton Beach Rowing Club
    Jack Kiely, Saugatuck Rowing Club, LLC
    Christian Lawrence, St. Louis Rowing Club
    Logan Lewellen, OKC Riversport
    Matthew Marks, Bedford Crew Club
    William Mathes, Sarasota Crew
    Cole Matlack, Community Rowing, Inc.
    Grant McCurdy, Sarasota Crew
    Reider McFeely, D.C. National Rowing Club
    Owen McKenna, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
    Colton Millar, Sarasota Crew
    Ewan Morrow, Pocock Rowing Center
    Fred Mulford, D.C. National Rowing Club
    Ethan Nghiem, Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
    Travis O’Neil, Newport Aquatic Center
    Timothy Parsons, South Eugene Rowing Club
    John Patton, Deerfield Academy Crew
    Oscar Patton, Deerfield Academy Crew
    Ashton Perlroth, Redwood Scullers/PACJC
    Carson Peterson, Lake Casitas Rowing Association
    Tucker Poff, Wilmington Youth Rowing Association
    Riley Putnam, Marina Aquatic Center
    Rohan Radhakeesoon, Phillips Exeter Academy
    Charles Richards, Deerfield Academy Crew
    Cole Riedinger, New Trier High School Rowing
    Bach Ryan, Marin Rowing Association
    Max Ryan, Long Beach Junior Crew
    Nick Ryan, Long Beach Junior Crew
    John Salvi, New Trier High School Rowing
    Giovanni Santaniello, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
    Sandro Scalfi, Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
    Davis Schroeder, Newport Aquatic Center
    Caleb Schwartz, Community Rowing, Inc.
    Elenna Seguin, Greenwich Crew
    Noah Silverstein, New Trier High School Rowing
    Jack Skinner, New Trier High School Rowing
    Luke Smith, Hawk Rowing Club
    Nicholas Smyth, Cincinnati Jr. Rowing Club, Inc.
    Charles Talley, Capital Crew Boosters Club
    Alessandro Topa, Woodrow Wilson Sr. High School Crew
    Tristan Wakefield, Y Quad Cities Rowing
    Paul Waxman, Walt Whitman Crew Boosters, Inc.
    Alden Weaver, Undine Barge Club of Philadelphia
    Augusten Wieners, Lake Casitas Rowing Association
    Andrew Wilkinson, Chicago Rowing Foundation
    Max Willott, Greenwich Crew
    Max Wilson, St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
    Sam Wilson, Greenwich Crew
    Brady Wojnovich, Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
    Joshua Yin, St. Louis Rowing Club 

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