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    USRowing Announces Supplement Partner

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    USRowing announced June 13 that Thorne HealthTech Official USRowing Partner and the exclusive supplement supplier for the U.S. National Team for 2022, 2023, and 2024.

    “We are so pleased to sign on Thorne as the Exclusive Supplement Provider for the U.S. National Team,” said USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus. “Thorne has an exceptional reputation in the supplement and wellness space, and their commitment to research and development is in line with USRowing’s values of excellence, performance, and safety.” 

    Thorne is an American health supplement company that “provides personalized data, products and services that help individuals take a proactive approach to health,” according to its website.

    “We continue to take great pride in supporting, educating, and providing personalized health and wellness solutions to multiple U.S. national teams over the years,” said Paul Jacobson, CEO of Thorne HealthTech. “Our partnership with USRowing will help athletes integrate nutritional supplementation into their health and wellness regimens to support their peak performance goals. Time and time again, we see how important it is for athletes to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies, and we are proud to provide USRowing with high-quality, NSF Certified for Sport nutritional supplements.”

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