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    2022 Royal Henley Regatta Set to Begin June 28

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    A historic Henley Royal Regatta will soon be underway. The annual event is set to begin June 28 and will feature the most entries in its 183-year history.

    More than 17 nations will be represented at the event including Great Britain.

    “The Stewards of Henley Royal Regatta are delighted with the entry,” Sir Steve Redgrave, Chairman of the Committee of Management, said. “We’ve missed the scale of the Regatta – with a smaller one last year and the cancellation the year before – and judging by the number of entries it looks like the rest of the rowing world has missed it as well.

    “In the summer of the Platinum Jubilee, we are looking forward to continuing that spirit of celebration and the record number of crews entered is being matched by the spectators coming to welcome them.”

    A list of full entries can be viewed here.

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