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    USRowing Announces U23, U19 Rosters

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    More than 130 athletes were named to the rosters in total.

    60 athletes were named to the U19 roster and 71 athletes were named to the U23 roster. Both squads will represent the United States in their respective World Championships in Varese, Italy.

    The 2022 World Rowing Under 19 Championships will be held July 27-31 and the 2022 World Rowing Under 23 Championships will be held July 25-30.

    Here is the list of athletes named to the two squads along with their coaches according to USRowing:

    2022 World Rowing Under 19 Championships Roster 

    Name (Boat Position) (Hometown/Affiliation) 

    (Lineups subject to change)

    Men’s Single Sculls
    Charles Boldt (Zionsville, Ind./Indianapolis Rowing Center)

    Women’s Single Sculls
    Olivia Petri (Brisbane, Calif./Redwood Scullers)

    Men’s Double Sculls 
    Nikhil Ramaraju (s) (Bettendorf, Iowa/Y Quad Cities Rowing)
    Tristan Wakefield (b) (Bettendorf, Iowa/Y Quad Cities Rowing) 

    Women’s Double Sculls
    Catherine Barry (s) (Oyster Bay Cove, N.Y./Friends Academy)
    Hannah Peters (b) (Newton, Mass./Noble and Greenough School/Cambridge Boat Club)

    Men’s Quadruple Sculls 
    Ashton Perlroth (s) (Palo Alto, Calif./Redwood Scullers)
    Walid Ghamra (3) (Sarasota, Fla./Sarasota Crew) 
    Sam Dowd (2) (Omaha, Neb/Red Dog Rowing)
    Timothy Parsons (b) (Eugene, Ore./South Eugene Rowing Club) 

    Women’s Quadruple Sculls 
    Heather Schmidt (s) (Niskayuna, N.Y./Niskayuna Rowing)
    Cillian Mullen (3) (Batavia, Ill./Chicago Rowing Foundation)
    Ava Schetlick (2) (Charlottesville, Va./Virginia Rowing Association)
    Alice Dommer (b) (San Carlos, Calif./Redwood Scullers/PACJC)

    Men’s Pair
    Alberto Lasso (s) (Los Gatos, Calif./Los Gatos Rowing Club)
    Jonas Thieme (b) (San Jose, Calif./Los Gatos Rowing Club)

    Women’s Pair 
    Shannon Kearney (s) (Sherman Oaks, Calif./Marina Aquatic Center) 
    Rachel Lande (b) (Pacific Palisades, Calif./Marina Aquatic Center)

    Men’s Four
    Josh Yin (s) (St. Louis, Mo./St. Louis Rowing Club)
    Oscar Patton (3) (Lincoln, Mass./Deerfield Academy)
    Jack Skinner (2) (Winnetka, Ill./New Trier Rowing Club)
    Davis Schroeder (b) (Costa Mesa, Calif./Newport Aquatic Center) 

    Women’s Four 
    Kennedy Housley (s) (Sarasota, Fla./Sarasota Crew)
    Imogen Cabot (3) (Cambridge, Mass./The Winsor School)
    Elsa Hartman (2) (Roseville, Calif./Capital Crew)
    Samantha Smart (b) (Mill Valley, Calif./Marin Rowing Association)

    Men’s Four with Coxswain 
    Elenna Seguin (c) (Greenwich, Conn./Greenwich Crew)
    William Deutchman (s) (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Aquatic Center)
    William Jett (3) (San Carlos, Calif./Norcal Crew)
    Charles Richards (2) (Winston Salem, N.C./Deerfield Academy Crew)
    Andrew Wilkinson (b) (Chicago, Ill./Chicago Rowing Foundation)

    Women’s Four with Coxswain 
    Ella Casano (c) (Fairfield, Conn./Saugatuck Rowing Club)
    Sophia Greco (s) (Norwalk, Conn./Connecticut Boat Club)
    Lindsey Brail (3) (New York, N.Y./ Pelham Community Rowing Association)
    Annika Jeffery (2) (Portland, Ore./Rose City Rowing Club)
    Ella Wheeler (b) (South Orange, N.J./Northfield Mount Hermon School)

    Men’s Eight
    Adam Casler (c) (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Aquatic Center)
    John Patton (s) (Houston, Texas/Deerfield Academy)
    Kian Aminian (7) (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Aquatic Center)
    Owen Finnerty (6) (Ardmore, Pa./St. Joseph’s Preparatory School)
    Jordan Dykema (5) (Seattle, Wash.)
    Travis O’Neil (4) (Newport Beach, Calif./Newport Aquatic Center)
    Luke Smith (3) (Philadelphia, Pa./St. Joseph’s Preparatory School)
    Drew Cavanaugh (2) (Greenwich, Conn./Greenwich Crew)
    Davis Kelly (b) (Vashon Island, Wash./Burton Beach Rowing Club)

    Women’s Eight
    Frances McKenzie (c) (Cos Cob, Ct./Greenwich Crew)
    Nora Goodwillie (s) (Chicago, Ill./Chicago Rowing Foundation)
    Sofia Simone (7) (Miami, Fla./Sarasota Crew)
    Phoebe Wise (6) (Greenwich, Ct./Greenwich Crew)
    Ellie Bijeau (5) (Washington, D.C./Wilson Crew)
    Quincy Stone (4) (San Francisco, Calif./Marin Rowing Association)
    Sarah Bradford (3) (Oconomowoc, Wis./Milwaukee Rowing Club)
    Lily Pember (2) (Chicago, Ill./Chicago Rowing Foundation)
    Eugenia Rodríguez-Vázquez (b) (A Coruña, Galicia, Spain/Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer)

    Edward Achtner (Walton-on-Thames, England/Marin Rowing Association/Moseley Boat Club)
    Grant McCurdy (Nokomis, Fla./Sarasota Crew)
    Owen McKenna (Philadelphia, Pa./St. Joseph’s Preparatory School)
    Katherine Mote (Dallas, Texas/The Episcopal School of Dallas)
    Ellie Smith (Rye, N.Y./RowAmerica Rye)
    Hannah Smith (East Grand Rapids, Mich./East Grand Rapids Crew)

    Zohar Abramovitz, Women’s Pair
    Brian de Regt, Men’s Quadruple Sculls
    Skye Elliot, Women’s Four with Coxswain
    Casey Galvanek, Women’s Quadruple Sculls
    Eric Gehrke, Men’s Lead Coach/Men’s Eight 
    Andrew Hess, Men’s Four with Coxswain 
    Monica Hilcu, Women’s Single Sculls
    Caitlin McClain, Women’s Lead Coach/Women’s Quadruple Sculls 
    Amadeusz Pietrzak, Women’s Double Sculls
    Channing Walker, Men’s Pair
    Mike Wallin, Women’s Eight 
    Cary Wasserman, Men’s Four
    Jamie Whalen, Men’s Single Sculls/Men’s Double Sculls 

    Support Staff 
    Chris Chase, U19 Chief
    Erin Berg, Dietician
    Will Daly, Team Leader 
    Nicholas Haley, Team Leader
    Kaity Jackson, Physical Therapist 
    Brett Johnson, Press Officer 
    Hank Pelto, Team Physician

    2022 World Rowing Under 23 Championships Roster 

    Name (Boat Position) (Hometown/University)

    (Lineups subject to change)

    Men’s Single Sculls
    Isaiah Harrison (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho)

    Women’s Single Sculls 
    Ella Barry (Oyster Bay, N.Y./Princeton University)

    Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls
    Nicholas Aronow (Laurel Hollow, N.Y./Princeton University)

    Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls
    Isabella Begley (Moorestown, N.J./University of Virginia)

    Men’s Double Sculls 
    Tucker Thomas (s) (Chicago, Ill./Princeton University)
    Thomas Foltz (b) (Richmond, Va./Virginia Tech)  

    Women’s Double Sculls
    Susan Cook (s) (Portland, Ore./Boston University)
    Simone Vorperian (b) (Madison, Wis./University of Pennsylvania)

    Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
    Clay Rybus (s) (Newport Beach, Calif.)
    Sean Rybus (b) (Newport Beach, Calif./Georgetown University) 

    Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls
    Brooke Ruszkiewicz (s) (Middleton, Wis./Stanford University) 
    Ruthie Lacy (b) (Edmond, Okla./Oklahoma City University)

    Men’s Pair
    Floyd Benedikter (s) (Dortmund, Germany/Princeton University)
    Nick Taylor (b) (Chicago, Ill./Princeton University)

    Women’s Pair 
    Sue Holderness (s) (Charlotte, N.C./University of Texas)
    Megan Lee (b) (Natick, Mass./Duke University)

    Lightweight Men’s Pair
    Nathaniel Sass (s) (Buffalo, N.Y./University of Pennsylvania) 
    Collin Hay (b) (Shrewsbury, Mass./University of Delaware)

    Lightweight Women’s Pair 
    Ava Sack (s) (Newport Beach, Calif./Georgetown University)
    Elsa Andrews (b) (Seattle, Wash./Harvard University)

    Men’s Quadruple Sculls 
    Isaac Spokes (s) (Baltimore, Md./Dartmouth College)
    Matthew Davis (3) (Malvern, Pa./University of Pennsylvania)
    Maxwell Kreutzelman (2) (Orinda, Calif./Cornell University)
    Cooper Tuckerman (b) (Bozeman, Mont./Dartmouth College)

    Women’s Quadruple Sculls 
    Katelin Gildersleeve (s) (Dallas, Texas/Stanford University)
    Lauren Benedict (3) (Reston, Va./University of Virginia) 
    Sophia Calabrese (2) (Shaker Heights, Ohio/University of Texas)
    Ellen Ulitsky (b) (Sunnyvale, Calif./University of California, Los Angeles) 

    Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
    Simon Dubiel (s) (Seattle, Wash./University of Pennsylvania)
    Eli Rabinowitz (3) (Rye, N.Y./Georgetown University)
    Justin Schmidt (2) (Westport, Conn./University of Delaware)
    Troy Riesenberger (b) (Sarasota, Fla./University of Pennsylvania)

    Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
    Claire Friedlander (s) (Narberth, Pa./University of Wisconsin)
    Caroline Burchette (3) (Wynnewood, Pa./Boston University)
    Kathleen Love (2) (Arlington, Va./Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    Ava Gamble (b) (Yardley, Pa./Boston University)
    * Savanna Jacovini (Wayne, Pa./Boston University)
    * Injured, will not compete

    Women’s Four 
    Kaitlin Knifton (s) (Austin, Texas/University of Texas)
    Caitlin Esse (3) (Fairfield, Conn./University of Texas)
    Anna Jensen (2) (Midland, Mich./University of Texas)
    Fran Raggi (b) (Maitland, Fla./University of Texas)

    Men’s Four with Coxswain 
    William Dempsey (c) (Ocean Township, N.J./Northeastern University)
    Benjamin Dukes (s) (Morton Grove, Ill./Syracuse University)
    Nathan Phelps (3) (Ridgefield, Conn./Princeton University)
    Zachary Vachal (2) (San Francisco, Calif./Princeton University)
    Erik Spinka (b) (Southport, Conn./Princeton University) 

    Women’s Four with Coxswain 
    Caroline Ricksen (c) Orinda, Calif./Stanford University)
    Katherine Kelly (s) (Vashon Island, Wash./University of Virginia)
    Elena Collier-Hezel (3) (Buffalo, N.Y.)
    Greta Filor (2) (Rye, N.Y./Brown University)
    Angela Szabo (b) (Sarasota, Fla./University of California)

    Men’s Eight
    Jack DiGiovanni (c) (Pittsford, N.Y./Brown University)
    William Legenzowski (s) (Vista, N.Y./Brown University)
    Adam Campain (7) (Ann Arbor, Mich./Cornell University)
    Charles Fargo (6) (Winnetka, Ill./Brown University)
    James Wright (5) (Philadelphia, Pa./Stanford University)
    Jacob Hudgins (4) (Andover, Mass./Dartmouth College)
    Miles Hudgins (3) (Andover, Mass./Dartmouth College)
    Alexander Abuhoff (2) (Montclair, N.J./Northeastern University)
    Kai Hoite (b) (Berkeley, Calif./Brown University)

    Women’s Eight
    Rachel Rane (c) (Glencoe, Ill./University of Texas)
    Isabella Battistoni (s) (Seattle, Wash./Stanford University)
    Azja Czajkowski (7) (Imperial Beach, Calif./Stanford University)
    Camille VanderMeer (6) (Elmira, N.Y./Princeton University)
    Hannah Heideveld (5) (New Brunswick, N.J./Rutgers University)
    Sophia Hahn (4) (Braselton, Ga./Yale University)
    Maddie Moore (3) (Naples, Fla./Yale University)
    Lanie Nitsch (2) (McAllen, Texas/University of Texas)
    Margaret Hedeman (b) (Concord, Mass./Yale University)

    Gabrielle Graves (Seattle, Wash./University of Michigan)
    Julian Thomas (New Hope, Pa./Dartmouth College)

    Coaching Staff

    Sarah Baker, Lightweight Women’s Pair
    Reilly Dampeer, Lightweight Women’s Double Sculls/Women’s Quadruple Sculls
    Andreil Doolittle, Men’s Double Sculls
    Jesse Foglia, Lightweight Women’s Single Sculls/Men’s Eight
    Joa Harrison, Men’s Single Sculls
    Craig Hoffman, Men’s Quadruple Sculls/Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
    Greg Hughes, Men’s Pair
    James Konopka, Lightweight Men’s Quadruple Sculls
    Pat LaPage, Men’s Four with Coxswain
    James Long-Lerno, Lightweight Men’s Double Sculls
    Asiya Mahmud, Women’s Four with Coxswain
    Krystal Melendez, Women’s Double Sculls/Women’s Pair
    Dave O’Neill, Women’s Four
    Aaron Preetam, Lightweight Women’s Quadruple Sculls
    Ronald Rubino, Lightweight Men’s Pair
    Kevin Sauer, Women’s Eight
    Jaroslaw Szymczyk, Lightweight Men’s Single Sculls 

    Support Staff
    Wyatt Allen, U23 Chief
    Will Daly, Team Leader 
    Liz Fusco, Dietician
    Brett Johnson, Press Officer 
    Kristine Karlson, Team Physician
    Wendy Wilbur, Team Leader 

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