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Posts published in “Workouts”

Navigating No-Man’s Land

March and early April in New England are the equivalent to the third 500 of any 2k—that section of the race we rowers lovingly deem “no-man’s land.” Why? For one, it’s often brutal outside. And in many spots, it becomes a waiting game for the ice to melt so you can finally take some strokes in a boat after a long season hammering it out on the rowing machine.

Get a Leg Up

The leg drive—leg connection and leg power—is indeed the power player in rowing.

Mountain Time

Climbing up to the birthplace of extreme skiing—New Hampshire’s Tuckerman’s Ravine—was my way of closing out 2016. Nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, on the back side of…

Winter Classic

As a collegiate rower, I never looked forward to this time of year. I knew that soon the boats would be racked for the winter and I would be relegated…

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