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    Trailblazing Yet Again

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    Every year, the Sports Business Journal names six champions in sport business.

    Sports legends such as John Wooten, Bill Rasmussen, and Deane Beman have all been honored as past champions. For the first time, though, a rower will be included on the list. The honoree is not just any rower, either; she is the first U.S. woman, and first African-American, to serve on the International Olympic Committee and has been a champion of the sport for many years.

    “It’s an honor to have been recognized in Sports Business Journal’s 2022 champions class,”  Anita DeFrantz said. “Thank you for your kind consideration, and I hope to use my platform to inspire and educate others, especially the youth in the field of sport.”

    DeFrantz is joined by Joe Gibbs, Larry Jones, Susan O’Malley, Leigh Steinberg, and John Swofford. 

    The six honorees will be saluted throughout the year, DeFrantz in September.  “Our Sports Business Journal 2022 champions class, like the 12 that came before, is chock-full of achievers and innovators, and, most notably, trailblazers,” the SBJ writes.

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