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    Largest Ever Youth National Championship Wraps Up, 34 National Titles Awarded

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    There are 34 newly crowned national champions in the youth U.S. rowing world.

    The 2022 USRowing Youth National Championship was a busy and robust one as it attracted more than 3,500 high school and junior athletes from 210 programs—making it the largest iteration in the event’s history.

    The men’s youth eight was one of many barnburner races at the event with a solid first-place finish by Greenwich but a very, very slim margin between second and third. Only .08 seconds separated second-place Newport and third-place Sarasota.

    In the women’s youth eight, margins were slim but not quite as slim. Chicago took the top spot with a time of 6:28.075 followed by Greenwich who clocked in at 6:29.564, and RowAmerica Rye at 6:30.833.

    Among the close wins were also victories that had an even bigger story behind them.

    “When we crossed the finish line, we didn’t know we were in first. We thought we hadn’t won, so when we found out, we were so, so excited,” a member of the The Winsor School’s women’s youth four Imogen Cabot said.

    Cabot’s crew of Isabella Liu, Olivia Hochberg, Evelyn Wells, and Emeline Daley finished first in the event and the win came with a sweet bit of closure for the crew’s longtime coach.

    “This is our coach’s [Lisa Stone] last season; she’s been with us for 24 years. She’s like a family member to me, and I’m just so happy we were able to have this big last hurrah for her. It was such a fun race. It was so fun to have that final sprint, so fun to be so close for the entire time. It just makes me love rowing.”

    Full results from the event can be viewed here.

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