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    Conditions were near-perfect today, April 2, for the final day of racing at the 2017 San Diego Crew Classic. Impressive margins in the morning finals gave way to tight racing later in the afternoon as Belen Jesuit left open water over Marin in the men’s high school lightweight eight grand final. Belen Jesuit will return to Miami with the Shimano Rowing Dynamics Cup.
    Newport Aquatic Center was the big winner in the day winning sweeping the men’s high school varsity eight, the men’s high school junior varsity eight and the novice men’s eight. The Newport varsity eight pulled a speedy 5:58.02 in the grand final beating out Oakland Strokes by three seconds.
    Racing was tighter in the women’s high school lightweight eight grand final, where Sea Base narrowly walked away with a win over Marin. Less than one second separated the two California crews. In other junior racing, Saugatuck took home the Gillman-Mulliken Cup in the women’s high school eight event over Marin, producing the same first and second finishes as the 2016 Crew Classic. The junior women of OKC Riversport took third place in the event after narrowly making the grand final in yesterday’s heats.
    Despite yesterday’s close times in the heats, Cal did not leave much room for suspense this afternoon as they finished first in the men’s collegiate varsity eight Copley Cup grand final four seconds ahead of Yale, reversing last year’s order. Stanford and the University of Victoria had the absolute closest finish of the day with only one-quarter of a second separating the two. Stanford came out on top, however, and took the third place slot in the event.
    In the women’s collegiate varsity eight event, the Jessop-Whittier Cup will be flying back to Austin with the Texas Longhorns. Four seconds behind the Longhorns with a time of 6:20.55 came the Trojans and seven seconds after that were the Wisconsin Badgers.
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