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    World Rowing, the international governing body of rowing formerly known as FISA (Féderation Internationale des Sociétes d’Aviron), has continued its quest for revenue and growth by appointing the firm Intelligent Research in Sponsoring (IRIS).

    “Smart investments in sports, with their ever-increasing societal importance, are more attractive than ever and drive growth and success,” said Vincent Gaillard, World Rowing’s executive director.

    “By adding IRIS to our network of service providers, we are progressing with our mission, step by step, to grow the reach and revenues of rowing.” 

    World Rowing’s current broadcast deal with Eurovision Sport, the sports arm of the European Broadcasting Union, ends next year. 

    “Data-based decisions are very often the advantageous ones,” added Christian Osterode, World Rowing’s head of broadcast and marketing. “From now on, World Rowing will benefit from IRIS’s relevant findings regarding the demographics and socio-economics of the global rowing community and their media consumption behavior. Through this collaboration, World Rowing enhances its support to current and future partners by providing meaningful data and activity analysis, valuable to the decision-making process.”  

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