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    Women’s Division I Rankings

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)VotesPrevious
    1University of Texas (24)4971
    2Stanford University (1)4602
    3Yale University4383
    4Princeton University4064
    5Brown University3905
    6University of Michigan3606
    7University of Washington30310
    8University of Pennsylvania2939
    9University of California, Berkeley2857
    10Ohio State University2848
    11Syracuse University25415
    12University of Southern California19112
    13Duke University18211
    14University of Virginia17513
    15Oregon State University17414
    16Southern Methodist University13217
    17Rutgers University12516
    18Indiana University12318
    19University of Tennessee8319
    20Washington State University3820

    Other Receiving Votes: University of Louisville (12), U.S. Naval Academy (9), Clemson University (8), University of Miami (8), University of California, Los Angeles (6), University of Alabama (4), University of Minnesota (2), Boston University (2), Harvard University (2), University of Central Florida (1), Gonzaga University (1), University of Iowa (1), University of Wisconsin (1). 

    Women’s Division II Rankings

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)VotesPrevious
    1Mercyhurst University (5)1751
    2Embry Riddle Aeronautical University1592
    3University of Central Oklahoma1583
    4Western Washington University985
    5Seattle Pacific University914
    6Barry University736
    7Jefferson University698
    8Cal Poly Humboldt617

    Other Receiving Votes: Franklin Pierce University (7), Florida Institute of Technology (7), Rollins College (2).

    Women’s Division III Rankings

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)VotesPrevious
    1Wellesley College (10)1501
    2Bates College1402
    4Williams College1174
    5Ithaca College1115
    6Wesleyan University93T-6
    7Trinity College90T-6
    8Clark University868
    9Hamilton College739
    10Smith College6110
    11Pacific Lutheran University4011
    12US Coast Guard Academy30T-13
    13Mount Holyoke College2312
    14Washington College17T-13
    15Rochester Institute of Technology1615

    Other Receiving Votes: Skidmore College (14), University of Rochester (10), William Smith College (1).

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