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    USRowing Announces Partnership with Broadridge Partners

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    USRowing announced today that financial technology company Broadridge Partners will support the women’s national team through an elite athlete management program.

    The program will provide five positions with the company to five U.S. Women’s National Rowing Team hopefuls.

    “We are thrilled to announce this exciting partnership with Broadridge and this innovative management training program,” said USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus. “This partnership provides our women’s national team athletes with a strong opportunity to succeed in the boat while building their careers with a world class company.” 

    Chief High Performance Officer Josy Verdonkschot said that the innovative model can be applied to other companies as well.

    “Our vision is that this innovative and creative program will serve as a model for other companies who want to support our Olympic and Paralympic teams and athletes,” said Verdonkschot.

    The agreement is set to last three years with Broadridge also acting as a Presenting Sponsor of the USRowing Youth National Championships and USRowing Golden Oars Gala for 2022, 2023, and 2024.

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