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    Under 23 National Team Selection Camp Invitations Announced

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    65 athletes have been invited to row for a chance at a spot on the USRowing under-23 squad.

    The athletes will attend selection camps this summer with the opportunity to be selected through the camps to represent the U.S. at the 2022 World Rowing Under 23 Championships July 25-30 in Varese, Italy.

    Men’s camps will be held at Harvard for the sweep camp and Conshohocken Rowing Center for the sculling camp.

    Jesse Foglia, Patrick Lapage, and Justin Jones will coach the sweep camp and will select the men’s eight and men’s four that will race in Varese.

    Craig Hoffman, James Konopka, Lyons Bradley, and Aaron Preetam will head up the sculling camp that will select the men’s quad that will compete in Italy.

    The women’s sculling camp will take place at the Oklahoma City High Performance Center under the direction of Reilly Dampeer, Molly Hamrick, and Marc Oria. That camp will determine the women’s quad that will race at the Under-23 Championships.

    The University of Virginia will host the women’s sweep camp with Kevin Sauer, Asiya Mahmud, and Kelsie Chaudoin in charge. The women’s sweep camp will determine the women’s eight and four that will race in Varese.

    Selection camps begin between June 17-19 and run through July 10.

    These are the athletes that have been selected:

    Men’s Sculling Selection Camp
    Leo Bessler – Commencement Bay Rowing Club
    Matthew Davis – University of Pennsylvania
    Tomio Filiaci – University of Pennsylvania
    Josh Golbus – Brown University
    Harry Hall – University of Washington
    Maxwell Kreutzelman – Cornell University
    Owen Maier – Williams College
    John McNicholas – United States Naval Academy
    Isaac Spokes – Dartmouth College
    Julian Thomas – Dartmouth College

    Women’s Sculling Selection Camp
    Lauren Benedict – University of Virginia
    Sophia Calabrese – University of Texas
    Susan Cook – Boston University
    Katelin Gildersleeve – Stanford University
    Sue Holderness – University of Texas
    Clare Naughton – Yale University
    Samantha Schalk – University of Texas
    Ellen Ulitsky – University of California, Los Angeles
    Simone Vorperian – University of Pennsylvania
    Isabel Wilkowski – Brown University

    Violet Barletta – Yale University
    Catie Castle – University of Rhode Island
    Katherine Kelly – University of Virginia
    Elizabeth Rowland – George Washington University
    Charlotte Wiley – University of Central Florida

    Men’s Sweep Selection Camp
    Alexander Abuhoff – Northeastern University
    Adam Campain – Cornell University
    William Dempsey – Northeastern University
    Jack DiGiovanni – Brown University
    Billy Duffy – United States Naval Academy
    Benjamin Dukes – Syracuse University
    Charles Fargo – Brown University
    Will Geib – United States Naval Academy
    Kai Hoite – Brown University
    Sammy Houdaigui – Dartmouth College
    Jacob Hudgins – Dartmouth College
    Miles Hudgins – Dartmouth College
    William Legenzowski – Brown University
    Pablo Matan – University of Washington
    Nathan Phelps – Princeton University
    Braden Porterfield – Northeastern University
    Travis Senf – Stanford University
    Erik Spinka – Princeton University
    Zachary Vachal – Princeton University
    James Wright – Stanford University

    Women’s Sweep Selection Camp
    Isabella Battistoni – Stanford University
    Etta Carpender – University of Texas
    Elena Collier-Hezel – University of Michigan
    Azja Czajkowski – Stanford University
    Sophie Dixon – Stanford University
    Greta Filor – Brown University
    Claira Fucetola – Princeton University
    Gabrielle Graves – University of Michigan
    Victoria Grieder – Rutgers University
    Sophia Hahn – Yale University
    Margaret Hedeman – Yale University
    Hannah Heideveld – Rutgers University
    Megan Lee – Duke University
    Maddie Moore – Yale University
    Kathia Nitsch – University of Texas
    Lauren Orr – University of Virginia
    Sasha Radovanovic – Southern Methodist University
    Rachel Rane – University of Texas
    Jeri Rhodes –­ University of Michigan
    Caroline Ricksen – Stanford University
    Angela Szabo – University of California
    Tess Thompson – Ohio State University
    Leia Till – University of Virginia
    Victoria Van Ingen – University of Virginia
    Camille VanderMeer – Princeton University

    Katelyn Bartos – Ohio State University
    Ingrid Brast – University of Southern California
    Kathryn Clemens – Oregon State University
    Alena Criss – Syracuse University
    Brandi Gueths – University of Wisconsin
    Lily Jarrett – University of Virginia
    Ellie Lewis – Southern Methodist University
    Lauren O’Connor – University of Wisconsin
    Lauren Sizemore – Duke University

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