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    Texas Rowing Center captured four out of five Points Trophies on the last day of the 2023 USRowing Masters National Championships. The fifth was taken by Penn A.C. Rowing Association.

    Texas had the most entries in the regatta with a total of 110 boats, and their presence was clear on the podium throughout the weekend. They took the Overall Points Trophy with 96 entries and a total of 947 points. Trailing Texas was Chinook Performance Racing and Riverfront Recapture, Inc. with scores of 702 and 595, respectively.

    The Women’s Points Trophy was awarded to Texas as well, with a score of 397 and 43 entries. This was a closer fight as Capital Rowing Club finished with a score of 339 and Chinook with a score of 294.

    On the men’s side, Texas once again won big. They took The Men’s Points Trophy with a score of 520 and 50 entries. Riverfront Recapture took second with a score of 371 and 52 entries followed by Chinook with a score of 280.

    For their final showing of talent, Texas took home the Club Trophy with a score of 388 club points with 31 entries. They captured nine golds, six silvers, and four bronze medals in club events. Atlanta Rowing Club Inc. had the same number of entries and came in second with a score of 209 followed by Capital Rowing Club with 15 entries and 185 points.

    Penn A.C. Rowing Association broke Texas’ trophy streak and captured the Efficiency Trophy with an efficiency score of 22.25. The efficiency trophy is the average of a team’s total points and their total number of entries. Sarasota County Rowing Club came second with a score of 20.13 and Ex Nemo Rowing Club third with a score of 19.50.

    For today’s full points trophies standings, click here. For today’s complete results, click here.

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