Olena’s New Record

Amsterdam. NETHERLANDS. UKR. W2X. Stroke, Olena BURYAK. De Bosbaan Rowing Course, venue for the 2014 FISA World Rowing. Championships. . 13:51:42 Friday 29/08/2014 Credit: Peter Spurrier

Ukrainian sculler Olena Buryak has repeatedly proved she is peerless over 2,000 meters on the erg. At July’s World Games, a multisport event held in Wroclaw, Poland, she made the case again. Buryak, fourth in the quad in Rio, lowered her own 2k world record by a stunning 2.2 seconds to set a new personal best of 6:22.8. (If you were thinking of doing this yourself, you’d need to hold an average 500-meter split of 1:35.7.) Buryak will next try to translate her speed on the machine to the water for September’s world rowing championships in Florida.