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    Thanks to the internet, we have abundant access to high-quality, science-based nutrition podcasts. We also have access to a lot of questionable nutrition information. To help guide your nutrition-education options, I’ve identified a few credible podcasts that focus on general nutrition, sports nutrition, dysfunctional eating, injury recovery, and other topics of interest to athletes who strive to improve their performance. In these podcasts, you’ll find trustworthy information about what, when, and how to fuel your body for optimal sports performance, good health, and high energy. 

    While you are spinning, running, walking the dog, or washing dishes, I hope you enjoy listening to these podcasts (some of my personal favorites). They offer an amazing opportunity to learn (for free!) from some top-notch researchers and clinicians. 

    Podcasts focused on daily nutrition topics


    Hosted by Melissa Joy Dobbins, R.D. Posted twice a month, about an hour long.

    Melissa is among the first dietitians to jump into podcasting. She now has recorded more than 226 episodes and has thousands of listeners. Her information is popular with dietitians and the general public alike. You’ll learn about all things related to your daily diet, with a focus on current food topics and controversies. Melissa does an excellent job of delving into the science, psychology, and strategies behind good food and nutrition. A few examples of topics covered include:

    • Body image and your relationship with food

    • The science of sweetness

    • The difference between animal welfare and animal rights

    Spot On! 

    Hosted by Joan Salge Blake, R.D. Posted twice a month, about 30 to 45 minutes long.

    Joan teaches nutrition at Boston University. Her podcast is geared toward college students but is of interest to everyone. Joan’s lively, engaging style will hold your attention. She interviews top experts who offer accurate and practical health and wellness information on a variety of current topics and trends, including:

    • What really is a sustainable diet?

    • The latest on food allergies

    • Do you need to beef up on protein to bulk up?

    Podcasts focused on sports nutrition

    The Long Munch – Nutrition for Runners, Cyclists & Triathletes 

    Hosted by two Australian sport dietitians. Posted weekly, about an hour long.

    Stephanie Gaskell has a special interest in gastrointestinal nutrition, and Alan McCubbin researches hydration and sodium for endurance sports at Monash University in Melbourne. To familiarize yourself with the rich variety of topics addressed on The Long Munch, I suggest you listen to the Birthday Year in Review. You’ll hear a three- to five-minute summary of each weekly podcast. You then can go back for more in-depth information by listening to the episodes that interest you. Sample topics include:

    • Should I get regular blood tests? If so, what should I test for?

    • How much sodium should I replace during exercise?

    • Are sports drinks and gels bad for my teeth?

    Performance Nutrition   

    Hosted by Dr. Marc Bubbs, a doctor of naturopathy and certified strength and conditioning specialist. Posted monthly, about 60 minutes long. 

    Marc is director of performance nutrition for Canada Basketball. In his podcast, he connects you with leading experts from around the globe and discusses nutrition topics related to performance. A sampling of topics:

    • Nutrition and training for stronger tendons and ligaments

    • The impact of dehydration on teams and endurance athletes

    • The misunderstood science of metabolism

    Nail Your Nutrition 

    Hosted by sports dietitians Marita Radloff, R.D., and Sarah Schlichter. Posted weekly, about 60 minutes long.

    The podcasters are athletes and moms as well as registered sports dietitians and they address a variety of topics from many perspectives, such as:

    • Nutrients of concern for plant-based athletes

    • What my eating disorder took from me 

    • Tapering nutrition for the marathon

    Podcasts offering support to athletes struggling with food, injuries, and life

    Voice in Sport

    Hosted by Stefanie Strack, a former athlete and advocate for advancing women in sports. Posted weekly, about 45 minutes long.

    Stef interviews women who have excelled in sports and asks about their journeys. Her guests share untold stories about topics rarely discussed, such as their struggles with body image, dysfunctional eating, mental health, and nutrition. Young athletes will find hope and inspiration from this podcast by listening to how these women survived their tough journeys. Listeners will learn that they are not the only ones having a hard time transitioning from high-school sports to collegiate teams to pro sports. Sample episodes include: 

    • Andi Sullivan, a soccer pro, talks about how she built confidence and improved her mental approach to sports.

    • Elyse Kopecky, author of Run Fast, Cook Fast, Eat Slow, shares her experiences as a runner facing many injuries.

    • Allie Ostrander, a runner and three-time NCAA champion, shares her journey with disordered eating.

    The Catalyst Health, Wellness and Performance Coaching 

    Hosted by Brad Cooper, about an hour long.

    Health coach Brad Cooper interviews best-selling authors, world-renowned researchers, elite athletes, and respected coaches in an engaging format. The overall focus is on wellness. The varied topics will expand your self-care plans. A few episodes I really enjoyed:

    • Conflict: Why we’re trapped and how to escape

    • Redefining rich: Keys to true wealth

    • Our hungry brain: Why we choose junk and how to change 

    The Injured Athletes Club 

    Hosted by mental-skills coach Carrie Jackson and health and fitness journalist and runner Cindy Kuma. Posted weekly, about an hour long.

    Part of being an athlete includes being injured. That’s why these two athletes joined forces to create a community that offers support and hope to help make recovery easier. They interview athletes who have recovered from injury (and, in some cases, injury after injury after injury). Topics include:

    • Surviving setbacks

    • Recovery from RED-S 

    • Expanding your identity

    I hope you find this list of easy-listening podcasts educational, helpful for enhancing your athletic performance and well-being, and encouraging as you deal with the challenges faced by athletes of all ages and abilities.

    Listen up!    

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