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    No. 1 Texas Women’s Rowing posts three top-two results versus No. 3 Yale, No. 4 Princeton

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    PRINCETON, N.J. – No. 1 Rowing posted a trio of top-two results, including a victory by the II Four in a double dual versus No. 3 Yale and No. 4 Princeton on Lake Carnegie.

    “We came out here for some good competition, and that’s exactly what we got,” said Texas head coach Dave O’Neill. “Princeton raced really well and got ahead of us in the three priority events. Yale was also very fast, especially that second eight. We clearly have some things to work on, and these results don’t change what we’re looking to accomplish.”

    The Longhorns’ I Eight placed second behind Princeton in a tight race, crossing the line in 6:25.00, just behind the Tigers at 6:24.20 with Yale taking third in 6:28.40.

    “Our first eight has had a really good run, but we knew it was going to take a day like today to get us going,” O’Neill said. “We’ve got another tough morning awaiting us in Charlottesville on Monday, and we’ll be ready for that.”

    In the II Eight, Yale picked up the victory with a time of 6:30.60. Texas and Princeton battled throughout the 2,000-meter race, but the Tigers finished one-tenth of a second ahead of the Longhorns, 6:32.50 to 6:32.60.

    Texas’ I Four followed with a runner-up performance to Princeton while finishing well ahead of Yale. The Longhorns posted a time of 7:22.60, while the Tigers finished in 7:22.30 and the Bulldogs tallied a time of 7:26.80.

    The Texas II Four closed out the session winning by open water over Yale’s B boat, who crossed the line in 7:31.50, with Princeton taking third in 7:42.80 and Yale C fourth in 7:48.80.

    Next on the docket, Texas heads to Virginia to race the tenth-ranked Cavaliers on Monday at the Rivanna Reservoir. Racing is slated to begin at 7:00 a.m. CT.

    I Eight
    1. Princeton – 6:24.20
    2. TEXAS – 6:25.00
    3. Yale – 6:28.40

    II Eight
    1. Yale – 6:30.00
    2. Princeton – 6:32.50
    3. TEXAS – 6:32.60

    I Four
    1. Princeton – 7:22.30
    2. TEXAS – 7:22.60
    3. Yale – 7:26.80

    II Four
    1. TEXAS – 7:27.90
    2. Yale B – 7:31.50
    3. Princeton – 7:42.80
    4. Yale C – 7:48.80

    I Eight: Rachel Rane (C), Kaitlin Knifton (Stroke), Susanna TemmingAnna JensenEtta CarpenderSophia CalabreseSamantha SchalkKelsey McGinleyAmber Harwood (Bow)

    II Eight: Carly Legenzowski (C), Nadja Yaroschuk (Stroke), Sue HoldernessLanie NitschMarg van der WalMarielle CorbettPayten KooyersAbby DawsonHannah Medcalf (Bow)

    I Four: Olivia Fogarty (C), Anna Garrison (Stroke), Cassandre Korvink-KucinskiAllie AltonSusanna Cassidy (Bow)

    II Four: Elizabeth Romero (C), Jane McGee (Stroke), Taryn KooyersParker IllingworthGrace Edgar (Bow)

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