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    No. 1 Cal Has Strong Showing To Open IRAs

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    WEST WINDSOR, N.J., – The No. 1 California men’s rowing team opened the Intercollegiate Rowing Association (IRA) Championships in dominating fashion as all three varsity eights won their opening round heats at Mercer Lake on Friday morning to secure a spot in Saturday’s A/B semifinals. The first and second varsity eights also had the fastest times of the day among their respective groups, while the varsity four had the fastest time in the time trials.

    “It was a good day of racing across the entire team,” Cal head coach Scott Frandsen said. “There is a lot of racing still ahead of us, but I’m pleased with the results and initial performances of each boat. We’ll have to get better and better each day, but I’m happy with how the team handled everything today. We’re not celebrating the wins, but it is a good sign of team strength and depth that all four of our boats won their preliminary races and can build confidence off of that.”

    The varsity eight opened the morning and took an early two-seat lead right off the start over Dartmouth, which was followed by Brown. At about the 1,000-meter mark, the Bears built a slight open-water gap over Brown and continued to manage the lead. The Brown Bears pushed Cal over the second half of the race, walking down over a half-boat. But the Golden Bears’ pace was strong enough to hold them off, finishing just over a second ahead for first place in a time of 05:32.200.

    In the second varsity eight race, Cal got off to a strong start and took the early lead which quickly grew to seven seats over Dartmouth by the 500-meter mark. The Bears grew their lead to a slight bit of open water by the halfway mark. Cal didn’t let up and continued to push over the second half of the race, growing its lead to over a boat of open water over Dartmouth to cruise to the win in a time of 05:42.991.

    In the third varsity eight competition, Cal and Brown moved ahead of the pack early before the Bears were able to take a six-seat lead after the first 500 meters. The Bears grew their lead by the halfway mark, generating a bow-to-stern advantage over Brown. Cal maintained its pace to keep a comfortable lead and cruise to the win and a spot in the A/B semifinal in a time of 05:49.404.

    The varsity four went out in the seventh slot for the time trials and came through with the fastest overall time in 6:16.974 to advance to the A/B/C semifinal round, which was scheduled for later in the afternoon. Right after the crew took the water for its semifinal, all races were suspended for the day due to inclement weather.

    The Bears return to the water Saturday when the V8+ kick things off at 7:54 a.m. EDT and look to secure a spot in the Grand Final. The 2V8+ will look to do the same in its semifinal race at 8:10 a.m. followed by the 3V8+ at 8:34 a.m. The V4+ advanced directly to the Grand Final due to the suspension of races, which takes place at 9:30 a.m.

    Friday Results


    1. California – 05:32.200

    2. Brown – 05:33.598

    3. Dartmouth – 05:35.772

    4. Drexel – 05:56.070

    5. MIT – 06:09.010

    6. Columbia – 06:11.344


    1. California – 05:42.991

    2. Dartmouth – 05:49.053

    3. Cornell – 05:57.905

    4. Drexel – 06:01.763

    5. Columbia – 06:22.827


    1. California – 05:49.404

    2. Brown – 05:51.950

    3. Pennsylvania – 05:58.458

    4. Boston – 06:03.936

    5. Oregon St – 06:11.612

    6. Drexel – 06:25.874

    Saturday Schedule (all times EDT)

    V8+ A Semifinal

    7:54 a.m.

    Lanes 2-7: Dartmouth, Northeastern, Cal (4), Washington, Pennsylvania, Harvard

    2V8+ A Semifinal

    8:10 a.m.

    Lanes 2-7: Cornell, Yale, Cal (4), Brown, Syracuse, Pennsylvania

    3V8+ B Semifinal

    8:34 a.m.

    Lanes 2-7: Boston, Washington, Yale, Cal (5), Princeton, Navy

    V4+ Grand Final

    9:30 a.m.

    Lanes 2-7: Dartmouth, FIT, Cal (4), Temple, Northeastern, Navy



    Coxswain – Luca Vieira

    Stroke – Iwan Hadfield

    7 – Angus Dawson

    6 – Tim Roth

    5 – Ollie Maclean

    4 – Gennaro di Mauro

    3 – Gus Rodriguez

    2 – Frederik Breuer

    Bow – Campbell Crouch


    Coxswain – Iliad Izadi

    Stroke – Tommy Barrell

    7 – Elliott Kemp

    6 – Tobias Kristensen

    5 – Fred Roper

    4 – Balthasar Issa

    3 – Matthew Gallagher

    2 – Daton Wolfaardt

    Bow – Wilson Morton


    Coxswain – Ethan Nghiem

    Stroke – Dan Bradbery

    7 – Keith Ryan

    6 – Alex Baroni

    5 – Matthew Waddell

    4 – Thomas Heerding

    3 – Luciano Andreuccetti

    2 – Tyler Kurth

    Bow – Pablo Moreno


    Coxswain – Savannah Adamo

    4 – Bret Holt

    3 – Harry Manton

    2 – Henry Furrer

    1 – Joshua Anderson

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