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    National Selection Regatta II Set to Begin

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    The second edition of the 2022 National Selection Regatta series will begin Tuesday, May 3.

    Racing is set across six boat classes, including the men’s and women’s double, lightweight double, and pairs with World Rowing Cup II berths up for grabs in all of them.

    “It’s really gratifying to see the group grow from NSR I,” Penn AC head coach Bill Manning said. “We had some new guys come and join us, saw opportunities to get together with some other guys, and the focus is to position a few of these guys to earn selection into the camp.”

    “We don’t have a crew that’s in a position to win this event, but we do have crews that are worthy of consideration for camp,” Manning said. “Hopefully, we can race well, race smartly, and show people what they can do.”

    The progression on the World Rowing circuit starts at a National Selection Regatta, where crews race to earn a bid to a World Cup event. If that crew then finishes in the top six at the World Cup event—or the top 50 percent finish if there are fewer than 12 entries—they earn a bid to the World Rowing Championships. This year’s World Rowing Championships will take place September 18-25 in Racice, Czech Republic.

    The 2022 NSR II is unique due to the fact both lightweight doubles are running uncontested.

    Jasper Liu and Zach Heese, members of the TRC High Performance program, are the lone entry in the lightweight men’s double. Unsatisfied at the prospect of having to race alone, the two are also going to test their speed in the men’s double event racing against open weight competitors.

    “I don’t want to put words in anyone’s mouth—there are still other lightweights that are racing this week, but they chose to race in the open weight event for their own reasons,” Liu said. “Zach and I are excited that this allows us to race some fast heavyweight boats and get more trips down the course this week.”

    Molly Reckford and Michelle Sechser, the lone entry in the women’s lightweight double event, will also race uncontested.

    Racing at the 2022 National Selection Regatta II begins Tuesday morning with time trials and finals for the uncontested events. It will conclude May 6. Results will be available on HereNow. For a full list of entries, visit RegattaCentral.

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