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    IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight Varsity Eight Poll, DIII 1st Varsity Eight Poll, Men’s Lightweight 1st Varsity Eight, DIII 2nd Varsity Eight Poll, Team Points

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    IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight Varsity 8 Poll

    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1University of California – Berkeley (11)2991
    2Yale University (1)2852
    3University of Washington2803
    4Princeton University259T-5
    5Syracuse University2554
    6Dartmouth College241T-5
    7Harvard University2177
    8Northeastern University2138
    9Stanford University2129
    10Brown University19810
    11University of Wisconsin17611
    12University of Pennsylvania17014
    13Boston University15613
    14Cornell University14512
    15Drexel University12415
    T-16Georgetown University11316
    T-16US Naval Academy11317
    18Holy Cross9518
    19Oregon State University7319
    20Temple University6620
    21Colgate University5621
    22Columbia University5422
    23La Salle University4023
    24University of California – San Diego2824
    25Massachusetts Institute of Technology15NR
    Others Receiving Votes: Gonzaga University (12), Jacksonville University (5)
    IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight 2nd Varsity 8 Poll
    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1University of California – Berkeley (8)2951
    2Brown University (4)2902
    3University of Washington2713
    4Dartmouth College256T-4
    5Syracuse University253T-4
    6Yale University2436
    7Harvard University2367
    8Princeton University2208
    9Northeastern University2029
    10Stanford University186T-10
    11University of Pennsylvania185T-10
    12Boston University16412
    13US Naval Academy15813
    14University of Wisconsin14714
    15Cornell University13415
    16Oregon State University10817
    17Drexel University10216
    18La Salle University9620
    19Temple University9018
    20Holy Cross7419
    21Georgetown University5121
    22University of California – San Diego5022
    23Gonzaga University3423
    24St. Joseph’s University22NR
    25Hobart University2025
    Others Receiving Votes: Columbia University (5), Santa Clara University (5), Colgate University (2), Jacksonville University (1)
    IRCA/IRA Men’s Heavyweight 3rd Varsity 8 Poll
    RankTeam (First Place Votes)Points
    1University of Washington (10)238T-1
    2University of California – Berkeley (2)225T-1
    3Yale University2213
    4Harvard University2014
    5Brown University1895
    6Dartmouth College174T-6
    7Syracuse University170T-6
    8Princeton University1648
    9US Naval Academy1459
    10University of Pennsylvania13010
    11Boston University112T-11
    12Cornell University110T-11
    13Northeastern University9813
    14University of Wisconsin8914
    15Drexel University6315
    16Temple University4317
    17Holy Cross4219
    18Hobart College3716
    19Santa Clara University3518
    20Oregon State University2320
    Others Receiving Votes: University of California – San Diego (9), St. Joseph’s University (2)
    IRA Ten Eyck Team Points
    1University of California – Berkeley2851
    2University of Washington2702
    3Yale University2573
    4Dartmouth College2365
    5Syracuse University2344
    6Brown University2276
    7Harvard University2257
    8Princeton University2248
    9Northeastern University1859
    10University of Pennsylvania16610
    11Boston University15411
    12University of Wisconsin147T-12
    13US Naval Academy14115
    14Stanford University14014
    15Cornell University134T-12
    16Drexel University11216
    17Oregon State University81T-17
    18Holy Cross79T-17
    19Temple University76T-17
    20Georgetown University6120
    21La Salle University3821
    22University of California – San Diego2922
    23Hobart College2123
    24Colgate University2025
    25Santa Clara University1824
    26Columbia University1526
    27Gonzaga University1427
    28St. Joseph’s University13NR
    29Jacksonville University328
    IRCA/IRA Men’s D3 1st Varsity 8 Poll
    RankTeam (First Place Votes)PointsPrevious
    1Williams College (6)901
    2Wesleyan University844
    3Bates College75T-3
    4Trinity College715
    5Tufts University70T-3
    6Colby College609
    7Worcester Polytechnic Institute536
    8Ithaca College417
    9St. Lawrence University4014
    10Hamilton College378
    11Adrian College2210
    12US Coast Guard Academy1611
    13Union College1515
    14Rochester Institute of Technology1313
    15Vassar College12NR
    Others Receiving Votes: Catholic University (11)
    IRCA/IRA Men’s D3 2nd Varsity 8 Poll
    RankTeam (First Place Votes)Points
    1Williams College (6)48
    2Bates College38
    3Wesleyan University35
    4Tufts University28
    5Trinity College27
    T-6Ithaca College15
    T-6Worcester Polytechnic Institute15
    8Rochester Institute of Technology8
    Others Receiving Votes: Hamilton College (2)
    IRCA/IRA Men’s D3 Team Points
    1Williams College54
    2Wesleyan University48
    3Bates College46.5
    4Trinity College39
    5Tufts University37.5
    6Worcester Polytechnic Institute28.5
    7Ithaca College25.5
    8Colby College21
    9Rochester Institute of Technology7.5
    IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight 1st Varsity 8 Poll
    1Columbia University (8)981
    2Princeton Univeristy (3)883
    3Cornell University782
    4Yale University754
    5Harvard University677
    6US Naval Academy536
    7University of Pennsylvania455
    8Georgetown University438
    9Dartmouth College289
    10Massachusetts Institute of Technology2010
    11Mercyhurst University1011
    IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight 2nd Varsity 8 Poll
    1Princeton Univeristy (9)81
    2Cornell University67
    3Columbia University (1)62
    4Yale University53
    5University of Pennsylvania52
    6Harvard University49
    7US Naval Academy35
    8Georgetown University20
    9Dartmouth College16
    10Massachusetts Institute of Technology15
    IRCA/IRA Men’s Lightweight Team Points
    T-1Columbia University51
    T-1Princeton University51
    3Cornell University46.5
    4Yale University40.5
    5Harvard University34.5
    T-6US Naval Academy30
    T-6University of Pennsylvania30
    8Georgetown University22.5
    9Dartmouth College18
    10Massachusetts Institute of Technology13.5
    11Mercyhurst University6

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