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    IOC Issues Statement Regarding Spectator Capacity for 2020 Games

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    After news broke that spectators will not be allowed at the 2020 Games, the International Olympic Committee issued a joint statement regarding the decision.

    The statement, which highlights discussions from a June 21 meeting, confirms the Government of Japan’s decision to not allow spectators and addressed the timeline for a similar decision for the Paralympic Games.

    “The conclusion of the Five-Party Meeting held on 21 June 2021 included: ‘In the event that a state of emergency or other priority measures aimed at preventing infection are implemented at any time after 12 July 2021, restrictions on spectator numbers at the Games, including non-spectator competitions, will be based on the content of the state of emergency or other relevant measures in force at that time.’ In response to the state of emergency, stricter measures with regard to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 have also been decided by the three Japanese parties,” the IOC wrote in the statement.

    “No spectators will be allowed into any venues in Tokyo during the Olympic Games. Under this policy, in areas where emergency measures are not in force, local government authorities will meet and decide specific measures in consultation with the local governors based on the situation in each area.”

    The statement also points out that a meeting will take place immediately should there be a “significant change in the state of infection.”

    For the Paralympic Games, the IOC has moved the deadline for making a spectator allowance decision from one week before the Olympics Opening Ceremonies to after the conclusion of the Olympic Games.

    “The IOC and IPC, respecting this decision, support it in the interest of safe and secure Games for everybody. At the same time, all five parties deeply regret for the athletes and for the spectators that this measure had to be put in place for the reasons outlined above.”

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