HOCR Awards Grant to NRF

    The Head of the Charles if providing a grant to ensure athletes can travel to a one-week training camp prior to the Olympics.
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    The Head of the Charles Regatta has provided a $30,000 grant to the National Rowing Foundation to partially fund a one-week training camp for USRowing’s Olympic and Paralympic contingent.

    The training camp, which will take place in Honolulu, Hawaii, is intended to prepare the athletes for a similar climate to that of Tokyo.

    “Having the opportunity to train in close proximity to Tokyo while still being on American soil is truly a blessing,” said Meghan Musnicki.

    “While in Hawaii, our team will be able to fine-tune their racing skills while adapting to climate and time zone changes, making the transition to Tokyo much easier on our bodies. At the elite level, so much care is taken to control any and all variables surrounding training, and this training camp is critical to our preparations. We are grateful to our friends at the Head Of The Charles for their generous support.”

    The full release can be viewed at here.

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