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    Entries to Open for 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, Presented by Concept2

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    Following the tremendous success of the 2023 edition, World Rowing, the governing body of the sport of Rowing, announced that the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2, the pinnacle event for the indoor discipline, will enable greater and wider participation. For the second time in World Rowing’s history, the Championships will be staged as a hybrid event. The Championships will be a joint event with the 2024 European Rowing Indoor Championships. They will take place on the weekend of 23-24 February 2024.

    Participants from all continents will have a choice to compete in-person at the O2 Universum Hall in Prague, Czechia, or join the action “virtually” in real time on their Concept2 ergometerswith the same performance metrics but from remote locations around the world. They will be connected via the internet to the same central timing and results system as for those in the venue. As well, the Championships will incorporate for the second time, the multi-challenge competition format called the World Rowing Versa Challenge, to help determine the world’s top overall indoor rowers, in addition to the usual age-category races.

    The World Rowing Age Category Races

    For those racing on-site in Prague in an age category race, qualification will not be required. The number of in-person competitors will only be restricted by the capacity of the venue.

    There will be an option to participate virtually for those wishing to do so. Virtual places will be limited, so competitors will need to qualify for these virtual places in advance. The qualification details are available on the event page, however virtual participants can expect a similar qualification process to that for the 2022 and 2023 edition of the event.

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    Responding to the rapidly increasing demand for Indoor & Virtual Rowing, World Rowing reviewed some of the age categories to be offered. “We are constantly looking at how we can improve the World Indoor Rowing Championships and we will always review categories based on entry data to ensure that we are able to provide World Championship racing for all. ” says Filip Ljubicic, Chair of the World Rowing Indoor Commission. “These new categories enable us to expand our offering while providing World Championship level competition.”

    The 2000m and 500m races will be offered in the following age categories for the World Rowing Indoor Championships:

    Openweight Lightweight
    Men Women Men Women
    Under 17 Under 17
    17 – 18 17 – 18
    19 – 20 19 – 20 19 – 20 19 – 20
    21 – 22 21 – 22 21 – 22 21 – 22
    23 – 39 23 – 39 23 – 39 23 – 39
    40 – 44 40 – 44 40 – 44 40 – 44
    45 – 49 45 – 49 45 – 49 45 – 49
    50 – 54 50 – 54 50 – 54 50 – 54
    55 – 59 55 – 59 55 – 59 55 – 59
    60 – 64 60 – 64 60 – 64 60 – 64
    65 – 69 65 – 69 65 – 69 65 – 69
    70-74 70-74 70-74 70-74
    75-79 75-79 75-79 75-79
    80+ 80+ 80+ 80+
    PR1 PR1
    PR2 PR2
    PR3 PR3
    PR3-II PR3-II

    Team Event categories

    The following Team events open for entry and will take place as hybrid events. This means that teams can race in-person (without needed to qualify in advance), or teams can race virtually by qualifying in advance. See eligibility criteria below.

    Mixed Team 2 Men, 2 Women Format: 2000m Relay, Switching Every 250m. All Teammates Will Row Twice, But Must Switch Every 250m. Teams Can Switch Rowers However They Wish (And Can Assist One Another With Foot Straps, Handle, And Seat).
    Men’s Team 4 Men
    Women’s Team 4 Women>

    The World Rowing Versa Challenge

    World Rowing is pleased to announce the second edition of the World Rowing Versa Challenge, a new competition format which was introduced as part of the 2023 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2. The Versa Challenge is back for its second year, following the enormous success from 2023.

    Over the two competition days of the Championships, participants competing in the World Rowing Versa Challenge will race in five different sub-challenges varying in time, distance, and type. The Versa Challenge is intended to test all the skills and strengths required of indoor rowers, exposing them to new and unfamiliar race formats. Participants will earn points throughout the sub-challenges, and the overall winners in the Open Men’s and Open Women’s categories will become World Rowing Versa Champions.

    “The Versa Challenge is the hardest test on the rowing machine that you can do. 5 events over 2 days that challenge you not only physically and mentally but also tactically and strategically. We are excited to bring it back for another year and to continue to evolve the event. If you think you have what it takes try our Qualifying Challenges in November and you could be in Prague racing the Versa.”

    Only 12 men and 12 women will compete in the World Rowing Versa Challenge at the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships presented by Concept2.  In an exciting innovation, two of the 12 athletes will be guests invited by World Rowing as “Wild Cards”. The qualification period for the World Rowing Versa Challenge will take place online and will be open to all interested participants – the qualification details for the Challenge are available on the event page.

    Entries for the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2 open 6 November, 2023. Find all details here.

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