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    Bryan Elected VP at Undine

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    Undine Barge Club has elected Liz Welsh Bryan vice president—the first time a female has served in that role at the venerable Boathouse Row club, which was founded in 1856.

    “It’s time,” said Bryan, “Women have long been a powerhouse in rowing. I’ve experienced it in high school, college, and adulthood. Undine was founded as a men’s rowing club and boasts a long list of very distinguished male scullers. While this is a first for women in a leadership role at Undine, it’s not the first time women have excelled here. I’m excited to represent women in my leadership role and to play a part in adding more of us to Undine’s history books.”

    “When taking on the role of president, I committed to increasing diversity within the club,” said Michael Naughton. “An easy first step was to ensure we are demonstrating this at the leadership level. It was a no-brainer to propose Liz as the VP, as she fully understands and lives the values of the club. She is a valuable member both on and off the water, and the club is fortunate to have her help guide its future.”  

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