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    As Viewed From the Side

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    Recently we wrote about proper body angle for the catch. Here we shift the vantage point to how the catch should look from the side. With the aid of a mirror while erging, check to see if your sit bones are over the holes in the seat. This helps maintain an erect position. Using your sit bones also helps with balance in the small boat. The knees should be close together, shins perpendicular, and the back set in the forward body angle, which helps ensure that the drive begins with the legs pressing down. At this moment, the arms should be rising to drop the blade in the water as the weight transfers to foot stretchers and the legs begin the drive. This is the perspective from which coaches normally see body angle as rowers ready for the catch. Keep these points in mind:

    * Thumbs at end of handle to maintain pressure against button

    * Button against oarlock to keep shell on even keel

    * Blade touches the water, a splash toward the bow

    * Arms extended, but not locked

    * Head up while maintaining correct posture

    * Shoulders relaxed and square

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