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    After a stormy start reminiscent of the 2021 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships, crews were finally able to battle it out on day two of the 2022 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships.

    In the final event of the day, the DII eight, it was top-ranked Mercyhurst who won the event followed by Western Washington and Jefferson. The defending champions from the University of Central Oklahoma placed seventh in the event by winning the second final.

    Earlier in the afternoon, the Lakers also captured a win in the DII four event, securing the crew this year’s 2022 NCAA Division II team title.

    In Division III racing, WPI rocked the proverbial boathouse by besting Wellesley by three seconds in the DIII first-varsity eight but in the DIII second-varsity eight, the Bobcats took the top spot while WPI didn’t crest the top three and finished in third.

    The mixed results for the Goats opened the door for The Blue to earn enough points to secure the 2022 DIII NCAA team title for the first time since 2016. The Bobcats—who were defending champions—were only one point behind Wellesley, finishing the regatta with 50 points to Wellesley’s 51 points.

    Finals are set for DI racing on the last day of the 2022 NCAA Women’s Rowing Championships. In the women’s varsity eight event, Princeton, Brown, California, Texas, Washington, and Stanford will race in the premier event in women’s collegiate rowing.

    Four programs ultimately qualified all of their crews for grand finals including Washington, Texas, Stanford, and Princeton which nearly guarantees one of the crews the overall title.

    Racing begins Sunday, May 29 at 8:00 a.m. Full results here. Live stream here.

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