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    USRowing is pleased to announce the addition of Fran Tuite (Chicago, Ill.) as Trustee to the USRowing Foundation (USRF).

    “Fran brings a wealth of financial and entrepreneurial knowledge to the USRF, and we are excited to begin working with her,” said USRF Chair Bill McNabb, former Chairman and CEO of Vanguard. “In addition, Fran’s perspective as an accomplished masters rower will be valuable as we look to support and engage this important U.S. rowing demographic.”

    “Fran’s connections and activities in the Midwest will be important as rowing in this area of the country continues to expand,” said USRowing CEO Amanda Kraus. “Fran, along with fellow USRowing Trustee Joshua Laterman (Milwaukee, Wis.), will be important eyes and ears on the ground for us in this increasingly robust rowing community.”

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