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    The Power of Positive Thinking 

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    Racing season is here, which means it’s time to prepare for competition. Here are my suggestions:

    Develop a mindset oriented to the joy of rowing and the love of the challenge. Focus your mind on the pleasure of going for it, instead of worrying about avoiding errors and failures, which often leads to exactly that—errors and failures.

    Remember that your performance is influenced by your habits of thinking. Try to entertain good thoughts and implement them. Stop worrying about past performances and future events. Focus on your strokes and immerse yourself in what you’re doing.

    Get ready for your races mentally as well as physically. Develop a mental race plan, a performance strategy that will help you concentrate on each stroke. Row one stroke at a time. Be in the present and don’t dwell on errors or missed strokes. 

    Stay calm, focus on your boat, and summon positive thoughts. Be relaxed; physical tension begins in the mind. Believe in yourself and your crew and you’ll feel more calm. If you can win in your mind, you can win the race.

    Never think about losing. Try to be happy and cheerful. Your mind and mood influence your body, and positive emotion can improve your performance. Think about smooth, powerful strokes, relaxed hands, and a good outcome when you cross the finish line.   

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