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    Planning for Spring Season Training

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    As you consider how to divide your training phases for the spring season, start by emphasizing technique and endurance.

    Your crews may have been developing strength in the gym, but technique and endurance are different in the boat.

    In the first few weeks, devote about 70 percent of your training to technique, 20 percent to endurance, and 10 percent to general strength training. Over the next few weeks, emphasize both endurance and technique evenly.

    Continue to train on the erg and with weights, but don’t sacrifice time on the water for gym time. I have found that full-pressure rowing at a rate of 24 yielded the greatest gains.

    When your crew’s technique and fitness are where you think they need to be, move to speed endurance, while continuing to sharpen technique. Keep the focus on speed and rowing hard; intervals and pyramids are useful here.

    Your training at this phase should be about 80 percent aerobic and 20 percent anaerobic. As race day nears, begin concentrating on anaerobic for the start and the finishing sprint. Continue to prescribe speed work while shifting your technical focus to catch and recovery timing.

    Nothing is more critical to success at this stage, however, than being sure your athletes are getting adequate amounts of sleep.

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