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    Olympian Adam Kreek Launches New Podcast

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    A new podcast dedicated to exploring the lives of Canada’s Olympic rowing squad launches today.

    The show’s creator and host, Canadian Olympian Adam Kreek, was inspired to create the podcast as a way to connect with the athlete he will soon be covering in Tokyo. 

    “I was inspired to start the podcast to learn more deeply about the amazing athletes that are competing at the Tokyo summer games,” Kreek said. “The Canadian Broadcasting Company hired me to deliver commentary for their Olympic broadcast and producing a podcast allowed me to dig deeper into the lives, training, and personalities of some of the world’s top rowers.”

    For Kreek the show is not just a way to connect to the athletes, but to provide content for future Olympians as well.

    “I am also motivated to give back to the sport, young rowers who may have a nascent Olympic dream as well as the global rowing community. We are creating quality content that will allow rowers and their fans to dig deeper into the nature of our sport.”

    As far as selecting a podcast, as opposed to other forms of media, the show’s creator believes audio programming is a reflection of the sport itself. 

    “Podcasting is a medium that most effectively matches the aesthetic of our sport,” Kreek said. “Podcasts are thoughtful, go deep and favor more introverted personalities. Rowers spend a lot of time in contemplation, and I felt a long-form conversation would be most effective to uncover the deeper desires, pains, and insights of these incredible athletes.”

    Row, Row, Tokyo will air every Friday starting today. The show’s first subjects will be the Canadian men’s pair, Conlin McCabe and Kai Langerfeld. The show can be found at this link.

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