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    The moment that so many crews have been training all season for has nearly arrived.

    Rowers will take to the waters in Nathan Benderson Park and duke it out over the three-day regatta to determine which crew will be this year’s Division I, Division II, and Division III National Champions.

    In Division I competition, the University of Texas holds the title of defending champion but will not have an easy road ahead as No. 2 ranked Stanford is poised to demonstrate their speed under the Florida sun. Not to be discounted either is Brown which jumped two spots from No. 5 to No. 3 in the final Pocock/CRCA Women’s Rowing Poll of the year.

    In Division II competition, the defending champions, the University of Central Oklahoma, will race as an underdog coming into the regatta ranked No. 5. Seattle Pacific topped the final poll of the season with Western Washington and Mercyhurst in the No. 2 and No. 3 slots.

    In Division III competition, the Bobcats will have a tough fight to defend their national title. Bates is currently ranked No. 3 and will have to dethrone No. 1 ranked Ithaca who blasted to the top of the rankings from the No. 6 position in the final DIII poll.

    Racing begins May 27.

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