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    Longhorns Do It Again, Emerge with National Title After Points Tie

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    Make that two-in-a-row.

    After a morning full of racing that suggested there might be an upset brewing, the University of Texas denied such an upset and once again claimed a DI NCAA National Title by winning the women’s varsity eight.

    The victory wasn’t a shutout by any means. The Longhorns, in fact, tied in team points with Stanford University—both crews having 124 points at the end of racing.

    And, for those who don’t remember last year’s NCAA Championships, a tie is determined by the winner of the women’s first-varsity eight event.

    So, once again, the Longhorns emerged victorious.

    In the DI women’s varsity four, it was the Tigers from Princeton who emerged national champions, and in the women’s second-varsity eight, it was the Bulldogs from Yale who took the top spot. The Longhorns in those events finished third and fourth, respectively.

    The Cardinal had a terrific showing at this year’s event finishing five seconds behind Texas in the women’s first-varsity eight, second in the second-varsity eight, and fourth in the varsity four.

    The final team points spread for the entire regatta are as follows:

    Division I Points

    1. Texas 124*
    2. Stanford 124*
    3. Princeton 118
    4. Washington 112
    5. Yale 102
    6. California 101
    7. Brown 100
    8. Ohio State 99
    9. Virginia 82
    10. Michigan 73
    11. Penn 72*
    12. SMU 72*
    13. Rutgers 64
    14. Oregon St 52
    15. USC 47
    16. Duke 45
    17. Syracuse 41
    18. Gonzaga 28
    19. Boston 23
    20. Northeastern 17
    21. Rhode Island 15
    22. Jacksonville 7

      Division II Points
    23. Mercyhurst 30
    24. Western Washington 19*
    25. Embry-Riddle 19*
    26. Jefferson 14*
    27. Central Oklahoma 14*
    28. Seattle Pacific 9

      Division III Points
    29. Wellesley 51
    30. Bates 50
    31. WPI 48
    32. Ithaca 43
    33. Williams 38
    34. Tufts 31
    35. Pacific Lutheran 26
    36. St. Mary’s 21

    Full results here.

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