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    List of Accepted IRA Crews Announced

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    The list of accepted entries to the 2022 Intercollegiate Rowing Association National Championship has been announced. The event will take place June 3-5 on Mercer Lake in West Windsor, New Jersey.

    Here is the list of accepted crews.

    Varsity Heavyweight Eight2nd Varsity Eight3rd Varsity EightVarsity Four
    1Boston University1Bates College1Boston University1Boston University
    2Brown University2Boston University2Brown University2Brown University
    3Colgate University3Brown University3Cornell University3Catholic University
    4Columbia University4Columbia University4Dartmouth College4College of the Holy Cross
    5Cornell University5Cornell University5Drexel University5Cornell University
    6Dartmouth College6Dartmouth College6Harvard University6Dartmouth College
    7Drexel University7Drexel University7Oregon State University7Drexel University
    8Harvard University8Harvard University8Princeton University8FIT
    9Marist College9Marist College9Syracuse University9Georgetown University
    10MIT10MIT10Temple University10Harvard University
    11Northeastern University11Northeastern University11U.S. Naval Academy11Hobart College
    12Oregon State University12Oregon State University12University of California, Berkeley12Jacksonville University
    13Princeton University13Princeton University13University of Pennsylvania13LaSalle University
    14Santa Clara University14Santa Clara University14University of Washington14Marietta College
    15Stanford University15Stanford University15University of Wisconsin15Marist College
    16Syracuse University16Syracuse University16Yale University16Mercyhurst University
    17Temple University17Temple University17Northeastern University
    18U.S. Naval Academy18U.S. Naval Academy18Oklahoma City University
    19University of California, Berkeley19University of California, Berkeley19Princeton University
    20University of California, San Diego20University of Pennsylvania20Syracuse University
    21University of Pennsylvania21University of Washington21Tufts University
    22University of Washington22University of Wisconsin22U.S. Naval Academy
    23University of Wisconsin23Yale University23University of California, Berkeley
    24Yale University24University of California, San Diego
    25University of Pennsylvania
    26University of Washington
    27University of Wisconsin
    28Washington College
    29Williams College

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