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    Concept2 Holiday Challenge Back for 2020

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    The 2020 Concept2 Holiday Challenge is underway.

    The event, which will run from November 24 to December 24, is a charity event in which participants row, ski or ride 100k or 200k meters between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve on the Concept2 RowErg, SkiErg, or BikeErg to raise money for charity.

    Four charities were selected for this year’s event including The Pocock “A Most Beautiful Thing” Inclusion Fund, Doctors Without Borders, Direct Relief, and Everyone Eats.

    For every participant who rows, skis, or rides 100k meters during the challenge, Concept2 will donate $.02 per kilometer (1000 meters) to the participant’s choice of this year’s charities. Once you get beyond 100k, Concept2 donates $.04 per additional kilometer.

    In 2019, more than 9,500 people participated in the event. Gensen Palmer from Madrid, Spain, logged the most meters for the 2019 event totaling 2,372,000 meters.

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