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    A/B Semifinals Set after Day Four of Racing at the 2022 World Rowing Championships

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    Day four of the 2022 World Rowing Championships was the shortest day of racing for the entire regatta. 24 events took place over the day, finalizing the A/B semifinals set to take place on days five and six of the event.

    For the U.S., the men’s double and men’s single both emerged from the quarterfinals with a spot in the semis.

    “We’re really happy; really, really excited,” Thomas Phifer, a member of the U.S. men’s double, told USRowing. “It was an imperfect race, but all races are. We just kept our heads in the boat and raced against the competition. We knew we would have a little bit of a slower start against other crews, but we trusted our fitness and trusted our speed throughout the 2k, raced really aggressively in the second half, and it worked out for us. I couldn’t be happier.”

    The double finished second behind France’s Olympic gold medal crew of Hugo Boucheron and Matthieu Androdias.

    “I’m just really happy to make it through to the semis,” Sorin Koszyk, Phifer’s partner in the double, told USRowing. “There weren’t a ton of expectations for us going in, so I think we were able to just put down a good piece and enjoy the racing and do the best we could … Our goal was the B final this year, and we hit that today by getting to the A/B semis. The semifinals will be a lot of fun because we can just let loose and let it rip and not think about any pressure or expectations on the result.”

    In the men’s single, Ben Davison finished third in his quarterfinal, paving the way to a spot in the semis.

    “It was okay; It definitely wasn’t my best race, but I knew what needed to be done to get through,” Davison told USRowing. “I was happy enough with it in general, but I definitely have some things to work on for the semis. I could see [the gap with the rest of the field] open up early, and I race again in two days, so you need to be a little bit smart about it. I wanted to have at least the first 1,500 and then see where I was. I didn’t feel like that was my best first 1,500, so overall just happy to be through. Everyone is going to have to have their best race on Friday to make it through to the finals, so that’s what I need to focus on for now.”

    In the men’s PR1 single, Andrew Mangan fought his way out of the repechage for a third-place finish and a spot in the semifinals.

    “It was a good race,” Mangan told USRowing. “Yesterday, we had a lot that we wanted to work on, mostly just getting longer, being more in control. I felt where I was at yesterday that there was more out there. It was definitely a fight to the end but ultimately it worked out. We’re making a lot of rigging changes; honestly, there’s a lot we’re learning with each race – even this one – just about the type of stroke, about getting to where I can find length, but also maintain the high rate, high power. We’re going to practice again tomorrow and review the race – look over the video – and see where I can find some more speed. I’m really excited for the semifinals. It’s my first international (regatta); there’s not really that many PR1s in the U.S., so it’s awesome having a field of 17 to race against.”

    The fifth day of racing at the 2022 World Rowing Championships includes races 133-173. Racing continues at 9:30 CET September 22.

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