HomeNews84th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta to be Held on Cooper River

    84th Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta to be Held on Cooper River

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    The 2023 Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta will be held May 12-13 on the Cooper River in Pennsauken Township, New Jersey.

    The regatta, which has been held on the Schuylkill River traditionally, has been moved to the Cooper River due to a potential conflict with the dredging project slated to take place on the Schuylkill.

    “The Board of Directors of the Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee, which stages the annual Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta, has voted unanimously to move the Regatta from the traditional site of the Schuylkill River National Racecourse to the Cooper River (approximately five miles from the Schuylkill River) for the 2023 event, to ensure successful production of the Regatta,” said Dad Vail Regatta Organizing Committee President Jim Hanna.

    “Hosting the Jefferson Dad Vail Regatta is a great honor for us and our internationally recognized race course at Cooper River Park,” said Commissioner Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Parks Department. “We are looking forward to hosting the thousands of world-class athletes and the more than 30,000 fans who annually participate in the biggest collegiate regatta in the nation. We can’t wait to roll out the red carpet for the rowers, staff, and fans in 2023.”

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