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    World Rowing confirmed that the 2021 World Rowing Masters Regatta will take place this year.

    The event, scheduled for September 1-5, will be staged in Linz-Ottensheim, Austria.

    “Protecting the health and reducing the chance of infection for all participants is the priority for all World Rowing events,” World Rowing wrote in a release today. “Following extensive discussions with all key stakeholders, the World Rowing Executive Committee has verified that the preparations of the Organizing Committee (OC) of the 2021 WRMR conforms to the World Rowing requirements for 2021 regattas.”

    World Rowing acknowledges that depending on the status of the pandemic that athletes will need to be responsible for their own countries’ rules and regulations regarding international travel. The organization also has strict rules regarding health and safety precautions.

    “Each participant is responsible to exercise maximum care for themselves and their club and crew members before, during and after the event. All participants must follow the measures in the OC Covid-19 Protection Plan at all times, including the wearing of masks at all times except in the boat, on an ergometer or at meals, social distancing and regular disinfection, among the other measures published by the OC.”

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