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    2021 ACRA National Championship Canceled

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    The 2021 American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship has been canceled.

    Despite the fact that racing is currently taking place and regattas — both domestic and international — are continuing to be confirmed, the event would’ve had significantly decreased attendance leading regatta organizers to cancel the event.

    “Due to the challenges posed this season by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the ACRA Board gathered
    information from the membership regarding possible attendance at the 2021 ACRA Championship Regatta. Currently, less than 10 programs have indicated they would be in a position to travel and compete at our regatta this season,” read a release from the ACRA board published March 3.

    The announcement also acknowledged the fact that some programs are able to race depending on their respective institutions’ guidelines for competition.

    “There are a significant number of programs able to compete and travel within their region. The Board encourages all programs to reach out to their Regional Representative to coordinate regional races and locations wherever possible.”

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